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In many cases, a certain level of anxiety - the thing is completely normal, which is a natural reaction nastressovuyu situation. It grows into a problem only when the degree of anxiety is not proportional to its cause or when there is not an objective external cause for alarm. 
The symptoms can be a constant feeling of tension, increased sweating, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and sleep disturbance. 
There are several oils that have on the nervous system relaxes, calms schee impact. Apparently, the best to use them - is to add oil to the bath. Warm water helps to relax and absorb oils in the skin. 
OIL clary sage: relaxes, warms and almost euphoric effects, especially helpful if anxiety leads to burnout. 
Lavender: soothes, helps to balance the thoughts and feelings, this is one of the most gentle oils. 
Peppermint oil of lemon: well soothes and, like lavender, very soft on the skin. Peppermint oil is useful when anxiety affects of the digestive, as well as hormonal imbalance creates tension. 
ROSE OIL: an exceptionally well relaxes and is considered one of the best hormonal regulators. 
Ylang-ylang oil: acts almost like a sedative, slows the heartbeat and rapid breathing too. Do not exceed dosage, since large quantities or for too long the use of this equipment may cause a headache. 
Herbal Medicine 
Herbal remedies are successfully relieve anxiety, try the tea from one or several of the following herbs. 
Chamomile (Chamomilla recutita): relaxes and promotes proper digestion. 
Bergamot mint (Melissa officinalis): is a tool you can use without fear for a long time with moderate anxiety; fresh mint is much more pleasant to the taste of tea is enough only a few shoots, take it in the morning and evening. 
Linden TSBET (Tilia europaea): good evening drink, he brings thoughts in order, establishes the digestion and normalize the heartbeat. 
Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora): this is a stronger sedative than the previous ones, this grass is easier to buy in tablet form. 
Setwell (Valeriana offi cinalis): an effective relaxing agent, reduces mental and physical stress. Take better in the form of tablets or 5 mL (1ch. l). Tincture of valerian tea as a nevkusen.
To reiterate: a long time passing ailments require professional assistance. Meanwhile, the following tools may be useful. 
ACONITE: a sudden attack of anxiety or fear, for example, after suffering a fright, with a strong sense of anxiety. 
ARGENTICUM NITRICUM: removal on voltage, from which constantly feel sick all the time or want a sweet. 
ARSENICUM ALBUM: the case of strong anxiety, fear, lack of appetite and excessive eating in the legibility. 
GELSEMIUM: in "apprehension", such as fear of an exam or going on stage, accompanied by weakness and a tremor in her lap. 
In addition to recommending exercise, like yoga and meditation to reduce anxiety during the long-term treatment may be advisable as the usual charge. Adding to eat B vitamins in the morning and calcium in the evenings at the same time help feed the nervous system and restore a more natural rhythm of energy expenditure during the day - one of the reasons for the popularity of milk and liquid dairy products before going to bed is that they are rich in calcium - a natural relaxing agent.

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