Cocoa Vzrosleyka with iodine

enriched with vitamins and iodine
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  10 servings of 20 grams


Cocoa "Vzrosleyka - tasty and healthy drink with a rich chocolate taste will enhance the mood, helps you better cope with increased physical and mental stress. The product is enriched with vitamins and iodine:
Iodine provides the body with energy, which is necessary for the full metabolism of the normal processes of biosynthesis and renewal of body tissues. Insufficient intake of iodine from food and water breaks thyroid function.
Vitamins help to strengthen immunity, essential for the harmonious growth and development.
Recommended for children from 3 years old as a restorative and preventive products with a deficit of vitamins and iodine.
Nutritional value of 1 glass of alcoholic drink: protein - 0,73 g, zhiry2, 66 g carbohydrates - 14.85 g, Vitamin C - 10.5 mg, vitamin PP (B3) - 3,0 mg, vitamin E - 2.25 mg, Vitamin B5 - 0.75 mg Vitamin B6 - 0.3 mg Vitamin B2 - 0,3 mg, Vitamin B1 - 0.25 mg Vitamin A - 0.15 mg, Folic acid (B9) - 60 mcg , Iodine -35 mcg Biotin (H) - 7,5 mg, Vitamin D3 - 0,75 mg, Vitamin B12 -0.45 mcg.
Energy value: 86 kcal.

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Recommendations for use:
  Preparation: pour the contents of the sachet into a glass, pour hot water, stir.

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  1 year from date of manufacture.

Storage Conditions:
  Store at temperatures from 0C to 25C, relative humidity above 75%.

  sugar, cream of vegetable origin, glucose, cocoa, salt, flavoring food, vitamins: C, PP, E, B5, B6, B2, B1, A, B9, D3, B12, H, and potassium iodate

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