Three cereal porridge with pineapple

fast food on fructose enriched with dietary fiber and lactulose
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Porridge Flakes contains three cereals - rye, millet and corn. Rye flakes are rich in fiber and help cleanse the body. Corn - a valuable source of minerals. Feature of millet cereal is high in iron, so they are recommended for anemia. Dietary fiber and lactulose selectively stimulate growth and development of normal microflora. "Porridge three cereal" is recommended for people leading a healthy lifestyle and controlling body weight, and included in the product line «Light».
Nutritional value of 1 serving: protein - 2,16 g, fats - 3,78 g carbohydrates - 24.62 g of soluble dietary fiber - 2.0 g lactulose - 2,0, the 
Energy value of 1 serving: 141.14 calories.
Mass 1 serving: 1945

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Recommendations for use:
  Preparation: Pour the contents of a package of 120-130 ml of boiling water or hot milk. Thoroughly mix, covered, 5-7 minutes the product is ready for use. Method of cooking in a microwave oven: Pour contents of a package of 120-130 ml of water. Carefully stir, put in a microwave oven (Mode 600 W) for 1,5-2 min, the product is ready for use.

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  12 months from the date of manufacture of the product.

Storage Conditions:
  Store in a dry place at room temperature, humidity of 75%.

  cereal rye, cream, corn flakes, millet flakes, fructose, pineapple slices, lactulose, gum arabic (gum acacia Senegal), starch, salt, flavoring food.

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