Soup with mushrooms

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  10 servings of 20 grams


"Soup with mushrooms" - a product with high nutritional and biological value, is made from high-quality natural ingredients, does not contain flavor enhancers.
The product is enriched with a balanced vitamin-mineral complex, which includes the B vitamins, vitamin C, manganese and iron.
"Soup with mushrooms" is a line of functional foods «Time».

Nutritional value 100 grams: Protein 3.25 g, fats 13.5 g, carbohydrates 41.45 g, Vitamin C 175 mg, iron 35.0 mg, manganese 5,0 mg, riboflavin 5,0 mg, Vitamin B9 1 mg, cyanocobalamin 7.5 mcg, Energy: 300,3 kcal.

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Recommendations for use:
  Preparation: Pour the contents of a package of 180-200 ml of boiling water, stir thoroughly. The product is ready for use.

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  12 months from the date of manufacture of the product. The date of manufacture on the packaging, see

Storage Conditions:
  Store in a dry place at room temperature, humidity of 75%.

  Ingredients: potato flakes, fresh cream, croutons, salt, carrot, onion, food flavoring, yeast extract, mushroom, thickener (dietary fiber), vitamin-mineral complex: iron, manganese, vitamins C, B2, B9, B12, turmeric, parsley And dill.

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