Pineapple jelly

enriched with vitamins and minerals
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Fruit Jelly Pineapple is made on the basis of natural exotic fruit, enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Carefully chosen proportions of components make it a useful, extremely tender and tasty. 
Does not contain sugar and dyes.
Jelly Pineapple is recommended for the correction of the daily diet as a preventive measure for beriberi, and mental and physical fatigue. It is enriched with vitamin A (45% *), vitamin D3 (50% *), Vitamin E (30% *), Vitamin C (60% *), folic acid (50% *), selenium (13% *) and is of additional source of calcium (4% *) and phosphorus (3% *), so the jelly "Pineapple" of an ideal fit for pregnant and lactating women. 
100 g of the product - .45 mg Vitamin A (45% *), Vitamin D3 2.7 mcg (50% *), Vitamin E 4.5 mg (30% *), Vitamin C 40 mg (60% * ), Folic Acid 180 mcg (50% *), selenium, 9 mg (13% *), calcium 45 mg (4% *), phosphorus 23 mg (3% *) 
* Percentage of the adequate level of consumption for an adult per day according to MR
Energy value of 100 g of dry product -152.9 kcal
Recommended for the correction of the daily diet. Children from 3 to 12 years, 5 tablespoons of jelly a day for children of 12 years and adults up to 100 g.

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Recommendations for use:
  After opening the package product is recommended to use within 48 hours.

  Not recommended for patients with phenylketonuria

Is the medicine:

  sorbitol, fruit powder, citric acid, thickener (akusel, Grinstead), sweetener aspasvit, vitamin and mineral premix 3.12, flavoring food "Pineapple", potassium sorbate.

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