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Revitalizing Mask with wheat proteins and biotin
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Revitalizing Mask with wheat proteins and biotin

Designed especially for intensive care for damaged hair. The high concentration of active substances can provide a focused impact on all damaged hair. Wheat proteins strengthen and protect the natural shell hair shaft, and restore split ends. Biotin (Vitamin H) has seboreguliruyuschy effect, combined with Shea butter, he nourishes and moisturizes the scalp 

Step 1. Preparation of the hair shaft to an intensive nutrition and to activate the bioavailability of active ingredients. 
Step 2. Directional impact on every single damaged area of hair. 
Step 3. Recreating the original integrity of the hair shaft, protecting hair from damage.

Revitalizing Balm FC

Recommendations for use:
  Evenly onto clean, moist, lightly towel-dried hair. Leave the mask on hair for 5-7 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Is the medicine:

  demineralized water, cetearyl alcohol, dipalmitiletil gidroksietilmonium metasulfat, tsetearef-20, sorbitol, aprili / Caprica triglyceride hydrolyzed wheat protein, amodimetikon, tridetset-12, chloride tsetrimoniya, D-panthenol, shea butter, euksil to 727, OSH, Disodium EDTA , biotin, Perfume