Elixir N-ZIM

ensures effective prevention of caries, gingivitis and other oral diseases
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Elixir for oral N-ZIM provides for prevention of inflammatory diseases of the mouth. Biologically active components support the barrier function of the epithelium of oral cavity, strengthens local immunity. Melissa officinalis extract improves microcirculation, increases the saturation of tissues with oxygen and nutrients, eliminates inflammation and bleeding gums. Antibacterial and antiviral protection a eucalyptus oil, preventing respiratory diseases
The use of an elixir of N-ZIM during morning and evening toothbrushing provides extra care for the gums and oral cavity. Use the elixir after each meal provides fast recovery ph-balance and fresh breath.

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How to use:
  triple-clicking on the dispenser to pour the elixir in the cap and add water until full completion. Rinse your mouth for 15-30 seconds. Do not swallow!

  individual intolerance

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  12 months Release Date: see the packaging

  demineralized water, sorbitol, propylene glycol, PEG 40 hydrogenated castor oil, flavor, stevia extract, eucalyptus oil, methyl paraben, organic amino (mass fraction of fluoride ion 0,01%), melissa extract, CI 19140, CI 42090. Does not contain a denaturing additives.

  R SS 51577-2000