complex for the normalization of the work of urinary system
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High-performance complex Rensept is recommended for rehabilitation of the urinary system and the normalization of its work.

The basis of "Rensept" of are phytocomponents with diuretic activity. Curative effect on the organs of urinary system worksheet cranberry, bearberry, parsley enhanced diuretic activity of watermelon seeds and corn silk. Bioactive Complex Rensept contains not only anti-inflammatory herbal components of general application, such as dandelion and licorice root (the latter has marked antimicrobial and immunomodulating activity), but the substance, whose antimicrobial action very effectively with the inflammation of the urinary tract. These properties are cranberry and fruit of juniper, which are actively disinfect the urinary channel. These qualities of bioactive complex Rensept "can be successfully used in the treatment of chronic infections of the urinary system. Vitamin C, which is part of "Rensept, strengthens capillary walls, reduces their permeability, provides antioxidant protection, activates local immunity. The presence of potassium ions in the complex serves as the preservation of natural water-salt balance in the body.

Phytoren BP Formula

   acute urinary tract infection Integrated treatment and prevention of relapse and recurrence of chronic infections of the urinary system anomalies of the kidney antibiotics, nitrofuranov, sulfonamides

Recommendations for use:
  Rensept is recommended as a dietary food supplement - an additional source of Vitamin C, Arbutin.

How to use:
  adults: 1 tablet per day during meals. Before applying are encouraged to consult with your doctor. Acceptance of one tablet (the recommended dose) to ensure the intake of vitamin C - 50mg - 70% Arbutin - 5mg - 60%; glitsirizinovoy acid - 0,75 mg - 8% of the daily requirement.

  Individual intolerance to the components. Before applying are encouraged to consult with your doctor.

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  3 years from the date of manufacture.

Storage Conditions:
  Store at room temperature in a dry place inaccessible to children.

  Lingonberry (leaf) 80 mg, bearberry (bear ears) 50 mg Cranberry (Extract) 50 mg Vitamin C 50 mg, Dandelion (root) 37.5 mg, Juniper (fruit) 25 mg, Parsley (leaf) 25 mg; Watermelon (seed) 25 mg, 25 mg of corn silk, potassium chloride 25 mg, Licorice (root) 12.5 mg

  Certificate of state registration number of 22.09.2005y. Quality Management System and Safety LLC Artlife certified under the ISO 9001: 2000, HACCP and GMP.