Reduces the effects of toxins, increases the resistance of mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and improves the respiratory system.
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The formula is designed for daily protection, support, improve the health of the respiratory system and preventing the development of inflammatory, allergic and neoplastic processes, improve gas exchange and elimination of tissue hypoxia due to the natural activation of intracellular processes of metabolism and energy, improve circulation and peripheral circulation.

 If you deliberately want to maintain an optimal state of health of the bronchi and lungs on a regular basis to protect the antioxidants and to the extent possible to reduce the pathogenic effects on their destructive environmental factors, make the breathing process of active, effective and safe, and saturation of the blood and tissues of life-giving oxygen available and complete, if you are looking for a long time the possibility of active prevention of diseases of broncho-pulmonary system, pay close attention to yet another innovation, the company Artlife - BAA "Spiria". 

Lungs and bronchi are very tender and vulnerable tissue of our body every day and with every breath they threaten mass of pathogenic agents of the outside world, including viruses, bacteria, allergens, environmental pollutants and production, not to mention the resins and carcinogens of cigarette smoke and salt heavy metals, automobile exhausts and tires. If we combine these daily attacks with catastrophic deficiency in our diet are natural antioxidants, it is easy to explain the progressive increase in the incidence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma and cancer. Although COPD is "territorial" in the lungs and bronchial tubes, this disease leads to a substantial and steadily progressive systemic pathological manifestations, and is one of the leading causes of morbidity, hospitalization and mortality in recent decades.

High-tech multi-component formula "Spiria" provides a solid comprehensive protection modern man in all situations, it is important for people prone to frequent colds and seasonal exacerbations of infectious diseases for people with weakened immune systems and prolonged inflammatory-allergic process, it is absolutely essential the biggest risk for chronic bronchopulmonary diseases, cancer and cardio-pulmonary disease - smokers, it is also an indispensable assistant to the basic therapy of inflammatory, immunoallergicheskih and specific respiratory diseases. 

 BAA "Spiria" is composed of 6 groups of substances: 

Group 1 - a patented antioxidant complex Tsifrol-5 (8 natural substances with the highest total antioxidant potential complementary), a highly reactive free radical scavengers of different origins and at the same time performing a function of the active support and assistance to other active ingredients of the formula;

Group 2 - botanical extracts with anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antioxidant and sosudoukreplyayuschim effects: extracts of liquorice, Bergenia, dandelion and ginkgo biloba;

Group 3 - bioflavonoids, antioxidants: quercetin and dihydroquercetin;

Group 4 - a substance with a protective, antitoxic, antioxidant and anti-cancer effect: lipoic acid, silymarin, indole-3-carbinol, EDTA;

Group 5 - Biogenic controls metabolism and energy: succinic acid, coenzyme Q10;

Group 6 - the most important antioxidant, antitoxic, and activating the exchange-energy processes of amino acids: glutathione, acetylcysteine;

Group 7 - trace with antihypoxic, antioxidant and potential obscheozdoravlivayuschim: iron, zinc, selenium and copper;

Group 8 - optimizing the intracellular exchange-energy processes, and cellular respiration vitamins: B1, B2, B6, B9, B12.

In addition to the basic recipe, given to the drug increases the system efficiency of the complex highly reactive nanosorbent "Gutta Viva" (a complex of silica nanoparticles and soluble dietary fiber).

With diverse mechanisms of action and essential curative effects of the whole range of natural substances in complex "Spiria" can be found in references to herbal medicine, threpsology, as well as seminars and presentations, held regularly in many offices. In this report suggest that brief details of the broad recreational opportunities are only two ingredients - licorice and succinic acid. 

Rhizome and licorice roots are extremely rich biologically active substances, which determine a wide range of action and indications for licorice root, usually in combination with other herbs, antioxidants, antibiotics, etc., harmonizing their operation. The main pharmacological effects of licorice are due to the corrective influence glitserizinovoy acid on the adrenal cortex, moderately and highly increasing their physiological functions. It is this action related to pronounced regulatory, system and anti-inflammatory properties of licorice, it antiexudative, antiproliferative and desensitizing activity. Licorice, showing a variety of medical and health-restoring properties, has been successfully applied in the broadest spectrum of diseases and pathological conditions: colds, acute respiratory viral infections, inflammatory diseases, wherever located; bronchopulmonary diseases, both acute and chronic aggravation: triterpenes licorice block reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms , increased phlegm, increased productive cough, bronchial drainage function, reduce the abnormal activity and reduce the time of inflammation, respiratory and skin allergies, asthma, COPD - is particularly pronounced immunocorrective, antiallergic and anti-inflammatory effects, poisoning, exposure to drugs, toxic fumes, cigarette smoke, chemical, occupational hazards, living in conditions unfavorable environment, in cities, industrial zones: Licorice is a versatile natural antidote to greatly reduce the severity of intoxication, dysfunction of endocrine glands: being natural remedy poliglandulyarnogo (system) type of action, licorice shown with hypoadrenalism, ovary (containing phytoestrogens) in primary and secondary amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, premature, pathological, heavily flowing climax in men and women with thyroid dysfunction, harmonizing the level of thyroid hormones, so effective as in thyrotoxicosis, and at a reduced thyroid function, lipid abnormality, dyslipoproteinemia, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, impaired carbohydrate tolerance: licorice root is not only a proof-reader functions of the endocrine glands, but also a kind of guardian of the biochemical homeostasis - the collection, containing licorice, reducing the level of atherogenic lipoproteins ( LDL, VLDL) and increasing antiatherogenic HDL, warn and deter the development of atherosclerosis, activate carbohydrate metabolism and glucose-lowering efficacy of therapy, normalizes metabolism of purines, reducing the manifestations of gouty arthritis and nephritis, erosive lesions, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer: proven healing action of licorice in these diseases, as well as anti-stress, analgesic and sedative effects (due to the presence of flavonoids in licorice), a chronic pathology of the liver (toxicity, acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis); disease and abnormality of blood, including the toxic effects of chemo-and radiotherapy : anemia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, leukemia, lymphoma - a rapid relief of dyspepsia, increased resistance to damaging its hematopoietic effects, quickly restores blood parameters, adjustment disorders, immunodeficiencies, progressive process of cellular and biological aging: Licorice ranked as the means prolong life, she has a cell rejuvenating effect, shows immunokorrektiruyuschie, adaptogenic, tonic, antiviral and anticancer properties, mobilizing capabilities of herbal medicine and antioxidants to prolong the life of modern man, experiencing enormous ecological and social pressures.

Succinic acid is present in all living organisms. In adverse conditions, the mitochondria of our cells can increase the production of succinic acid, which allows us to more successfully resist the harmful influences of the environment, but under constant influence of various negative factors and diseases of the body's need of succinic acid significantly increases. With supplementation of succinic acid preparations have a powerful healing effect without causing side effects and addiction. Reasons for this effect a lot, but there are major, life-sustaining at the cellular level.

1. Succinic acid stimulates the production of energy in the cells: forming in the mitochondria, or acting as part of BAA, it is used for subsequent reactions, contributing to ATP production, our main macroergs. As a consequence, succinic acid is a potent stimulator of energy production and activator of many body functions, has exceptional regenerative and revitalizing power to prevent violations of vital organs and systems, especially cardiovascular, inhibits early cell aging and the rapid withering of the body.

2. Preparations of succinic acid increases cellular respiration, contribute to a more full assimilation and utilization of oxygen by cells, prevent and eliminate the phenomenon of tissue hypoxia, thus increasing the body's resistance and protection from a variety of toxicants.

3. Succinic acid has powerful antioxidant properties and effectively neutralize free radicals - aggressive forms of oxygen, thus preventing cell and organ disorders, diseases of civilization, premature cellular and biological aging.

4. Succinic acid is a natural anti-inflammatory, antitoxic, tonic and Antistress tool, showing also radiatsionnozaschitnye properties.

In general, the effect of succinic acid in the body is enormous: it activates a number of key intracellular enzymes, and stimulates insulin production and helps reduce blood sugar, improves microcirculation in the tissues and organs, improving their status and capabilities, counteracts stress, has a positive impact on reproductive function normalizes the content of histamine and serotonin and inhibits inflammation, prevents tumors and inhibits the growth of mutating cells, enhances the action of other active substances and drugs, it neutralizes many poisons, including smoking, alcohol, drugs and other highly effective drugs of succinic acid in infectious allergic asthma, acute and chronic bronchitis, are useful for the prevention and treatment regimens of influenza and colds: supplements with natural succinic acid significantly reduced the likelihood of contracting influenza, even during epidemics, and in those cases when the disease began to develop it proceeds are usually mild and easily docked. The possibility of succinic acid to improve cell respiration and metabolism of intensifying glucose, more fully ensure that the body with energy, allow athletes to mobilize its forces faster and easier to adapt to the increasing workload, shooting pain in peretruzhennyh muscles, prevent exhaustion and nervous breakdown.

Absolute safety of succinic acid and its products, the ability to have a positive effect even at very low dosages, as well as improve recreational opportunities of other biologically active substances and increase the effects of drugs make it an almost universal component of any dietary supplement that contribute not only to maintain an optimal state of the whole organism, self-regulation functions of the organs and systems, but also accelerate the healing, recovery and exit to an effective mode of operation of each cell.

The most important systemic effects of the LHC "Spiria" and some practical applications: 

· Anti: systemic correction of the state and functioning of the respiratory system, active prevention and reduction of pathological inflammation, and allergic reactions by immune activation of local immunity and increase resistance to cell respiratory pathogens, improving liquefaction and evacuation of sputum, comprehensive protection and faster restoration of upper airway mucosal , removal of edema and allergies, pain and spasms of smooth muscles of the bronchi (the so-called modification of COPD);

· Obscheozdoravlivayusche and Prophylaxis: Long-term non-toxic prevention of diseases and pathological conditions, reliable and timely antioxidant protection of the respiratory system from the everyday damaging effects of harmful factors of environment and production support during seasonal outbreaks of respiratory infections, with the active and passive smoking, colds, weakened defense forces, stress, physical and sporting loads: a set of "Spirit" gives us the opportunity to regularly and effectively to the prevention of respiratory diseases, allows residents to safely protect the cities and clear the airways of toxins, carcinogens and free radicals, smokers - to reduce the risk of dangerous diseases of the lungs and bronchi, persons with weakened immune systems - not to be "mandatory" seasonal exacerbations of colds;

· Onkoprotektorny: the normalization process of protein biosynthesis, nucleic acids, growth, cell differentiation and the prevention of mutagenesis, the full protection of the mucosal cells from the damaging agents, free radical oxidation and degeneration, activation of antitumor immunity and inhibition of growth of mutating cells;

· Systemic-organismic: realized through improved microcirculation in organs and tissues, activation of metabolism, stimulation of energy production in cells, increased cellular respiration and the prevention of hypoxia, improved livelihoods vital organs and systems, and normalization of the activity of the endocrine glands, increase in total body resistance and deterrence Early processes of cellular aging, detoxify and improve the health of the internal environment of an organism;

· Exchange energy: the components of the formula activates the most important intracellular enzymes that promote better use of oxygen by cells, to optimize the exchange of fat, profilaktiruyut development and progression of atherosclerotic process, stimulate insulin production, maintain their activity and help to reduce the content of glucose in the blood;

· Constraining the processes of aging: is realized through the activation of the exchange-energy processes, the prevention of oxidative stress and atherogenesis, improvement of circulation and circulation of internal organs and preventing cardiovascular accidents, control of the processes of cell differentiation and reduce the risk of oncological diseases, improve the quality of life and the active inhibition processes of early cell senescence and destruction, maintaining the immune status and adaptive capacity, the additional supply of the organism most important biologically active substances;

· Phytotherapeutic: accelerating and improving the outcomes of standard medical therapy of acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, reducing the negative effect on the body of toxic products in drug, radiation and chemotherapy, a decrease of mucociliary dysfunction, restoration of ventilation bronchi, lungs and improving gas exchange, persistent stabilization of chronic immunoinflammatory and allergic process and prevention of exacerbations, improved after general anesthesia, surgical interventions on the respiratory and traumatic injuries, maintaining optimal health, quality of life and reducing the period of temporary disability.

Clinical studies and confirm the effectiveness of the BAA "Spiria"


Effectiveness of "Spiria" confirmed in clinical trials. The drug was tested in a pulmonary department of the city hospital 3 Tomsk and the Department of Internal Medicine SSMU. BAK "Spiria" has been appointed to 35 patients with COPD in acute phase (22 men and 13 women aged from 32 to 64 years). Below are some findings from the protocol validation. 

1. Dynamics of symptoms, expressed in scores of patients with COPD against inclusion in the scheme of treatment of the BAA "Spiria". 

Receiving two tablets aprobiruemoy formula for 2 weeks allowed us to decrease the heart rate from 80.36 to 74.3 bpm. per minute. (According to ECG) and to increase the maximum volumetric expiratory flow rate (ISO 75%) from 17.52 to 24.32, which allows us to achieve the effect of relaxing the bronchi of small caliber, and decreases the level of tissue hypoxia. Maximum volume expiratory flow rate - an indicator that allows you to evaluate the functional viability of the bronchi of various diameters. In this case, the rate increase "MOS 75%" during the reception of "Spirit" is the most valuable, since this indicator shows the status of small-caliber bronchi, which are the main target in COPD. Relaxation occurs and the expansion of the walls of the bronchi becomes freer breathing, improved ventilation of the bronchi of small diameter, it increases the velocity of the air, improves the evacuation of sputum, eliminated colonization of infection in them, improves gas exchange and, ultimately, tissue oxygen saturation.

2. Reduction in the rate of registration of dyspnea at low load under the influence of the BAA "Spiria". Clinical testing of "Spiria" in patients with COPD showed that its inclusion in the traditional scheme of treatment is accompanied by a decrease in dyspnea in patients taking this complex (from 86.4 to 31.8%). 

3. Reducing the number of cough and sputum allocated for volunteers under the influence of "Spiria". Reception of two tablets of "Spiria" every day for two weeks has reduced the cough (with 2.97 to 1.33) and to reduce the amount of released mucus (from 1.84 to 1.26) in patients with COPD, which he has been included in the scheme of treatment. 

4. During clinical trials investigated the cellular (cytologic) of the sputum of patients before and after the BAA "Spiria" on the background of COPD: 

a) achieved reduction in cell count (total cellularity), induced sputum (from 2,4 to 1,8), which indicates a decrease in infection rates, removing the pathogen from the respiratory tract and the attenuation of the inflammatory process;

b) have decreased the number of neutrophils (from 62.1 to 53.3) and lymphocytes (from 8.1 to 6.4) in induced sputum, which corresponds to a reduction in the intensity of inflammation in the airways;

c) Significant increase in the number of macrophages (from 22.4 to 33.3) and reduced the number of eosinophils (from 3,8 to 1,5) in induced sputum, which indicates the fact enhance macrophage level of immune surveillance in the area of the bronchial tree suggests a decrease in sensitization of bronchial tissue and reducing severity of allergic reactions.

Thus, a two-week reception of biologically active complex "Spiria" is recognized as beneficial for improving the overall level of health (a decrease in cough, dyspnea, tachycardia), and the state of the airways (bronchiectasis, improving the cellular composition of sputum, reduction of inflammatory and allergic symptoms of the process, activation of local immunity).

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Recommendations for use:
  Intake of 1 tablet (the recommended daily dose) to ensure the receipt of: Vitamin E - 5 mg - 50%, Vitamin B1 - 0.85 mg - 56.7%, Vitamin B2 - 1,0 mg - 55,6%, Vitamin B6 - 1 , 0 mg - 50%, Vitamin B12 - 0.0015 mg - 50%, vitamin B9 - 0,2 mg - 100% Vitamin C - 35 mg - 50%, Selenium-0.035 mg - 50%, copper - 0 5 mg - 50% Iron 5 mg - 35.7% zinc, 6 mg - 40%, beta carotene, 1.7 mg - 35% hesperidin-20 mg - 20%, Dihydroquercetin-12.5 mg - 50% of coenzyme Q10-6 mg - 20%, succinic acid, 50 mg - 25%, quercetin, 15 mg - 50%, glutathione 10 mg - 20%, lipoic acid, 6 mg - 20% flavonoid glycosides - 3 , 5 mg - 70%, silibinina - 14 mg - 47% glitsirizinovoy acid - 3 mg - 30% tannin, 60 mg - 30%, indole-3-carbinol, 5 mg - 10% of the recommended daily intake for adults.

How to use:
  adults take 1 tablet a day during meals. Duration receiving a month. Is not a drug.

  Individual intolerance to the components, pregnant and lactating women. Before use, consult your doctor.

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  2 years from the date of manufacture.

Storage Conditions:
  Store at temperatures not higher than 250C, in a dry place inaccessible to children.

  TSIFROL-5 100 mg (Tocopherol acetate 5 mg , Beta carotene, 1.75 mg , Ascorbic acid, 12.5 mg , 20 mg hesperidin , Dihydroquercetin (DHA) 5 mg , Superoxide dismutase (SOD) 100 U , Coenzyme Q10 1,25 mg , Hibiscus extract 11.5 mg) , Licorice Extract 75 mg And Bud Extract 50 mg , Dandelion extract 25 mg , Ginkgo biloba 24% extract 15 mg , 80% Silymarin Extract 18.75 mg , Succinic acid, 50 mg , Coenzyme Q10 4,75 mg , Dihydroquercetin (DHA) 7.5 mg , Quercetin 15 mg , Ascorbic acid, 22.5 mg , Ethylenediaminetetraacetate (EDTA) 30 mg , Glutathione 10 mg , N-acetylcysteine 50 mg , Lipoic acid, 6 mg , Indole-3-carbinol 5 mg , Iron pyrophosphate H2O (Iron content less than 20%) 25 mg , Iron 5 mg , Zinc citrate 3N2O 19.3 mg , Zinc 6 mg , Copper 3.12 mg aspartate , Copper 0.5 mg , Sodium selenite 0.08 mg , Selenium 0.035 mg , Thiamine mononitrate (B1) 0.85 mg , Riboflavin (B2) 1 mg , Pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6) 1 mg , Folic acid (B9) 0,2 mg , Cyanocobalamin (B12), 0.0015 mg