Iodine from a natural source, seaweed kelp
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Bioactive Complex Laminarin is intended to prevent iodine deficiency, leading to severe changes in mental and physical health.

The basis of the complex is seaweed kelp, which is extremely rich in iodine. A distinctive feature of Laminarin is the iodine content in a fairly rare, organically bound form. In addition to iodine, kelp contains a wide range of minerals and trace elements. This boron, potassium, calcium, cobalt, manganese, copper, phosphorus, fluorine. As part of kelp many proteins and salts of alginic acid, which is an effective natural adsorbent and is capable to neutralize and remove toxins and heavy metals. The presence of a mild laxative effect, allows the use of kelp in elderly patients with chronic constipation. 
In the complex Laminarin include nettle, which has anti-inflammatory effect, activates the metabolism, and hips, the active substances which are beneficial to vascular walls, reducing their permeability, improve blood rheology. This bioactive complex serves not only for the timely prevention of iodine deficiency, but also has a tonic action, optimize energy transfer and improves the efficiency of nutrients and oxygen to cells, due to the complex of essential vitamins (A, E, C, D, and B vitamins).

Mnogolet Complex with Vitamin C


• imbalance of vitamins and iodine

• reduction of the thyroid and gonads

• Intoxication

• prolonged fatigue

• reduction of liver function

• increased blood viscosity, high blood cholesterol

• prevention of high blood pressure

Recommendations for use:

Laminarin is recommended as a dietary food supplement - an additional source of vitamins and iodine. Take for adults, 1 tablet 2 times a day during meals. The duration of intake -1 month. Taking 2 tablets (the recommended dose) ensures the supply of vitamin C - 20.6 mg, 30% of nicotinamide - 4.86 mg 24% Vitamin E - 2.0 mg 20% Calcium pantothenate - 1.8 mg - 36% , Vitamin B6 - 0.46 mg - 24% vitamin - B20, 4 mg - 22% Vitamin B1 - 0,4 mg - 26% vitamin A - 0.4 mg - 40% of folic acid - 0.135 mg - 68 % Biotin - 0.0492 mg - 100% Vitamin D3 - 0,003 mg - 60% Vitamin B12 - 0.0008 mg - 26% Iodine - 80 mcg - 54% of daily needs.


Individual intolerance to the components, those with thyroid disease, hemorrhagic diathesis, pulmonary tuberculosis. Before applying are encouraged to consult with your doctor.

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:

3 years from the date of manufacture.

Storage Conditions:

Store at room temperature in a dry place inaccessible to children.


1 tablet weighing 0.5 g contains: sea cabbage (thallus) - 62,5 mg, rose in May (fruit) - 50,0 mg nettle (leaf) - 50.0 mg vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) - 10 , 3 mg, nicotinamide - 2.43 mg Vitamin E - 1.0 mg calcium pantothenate - 0.9 mg vitamin B6 -0.23 mg Vitamin B2 - 0,2 mg, Vitamin B1 - 0,2 mg , vitamin A - 0,2 mg folic acid - 0.0675 mg, Biotin - 0.0246 mg Vitamin D3 - 0.0015 mg Vitamin B12 - 0.0004 mg.


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