Complex for the prevention of heart disease. Activation of metabolic processes in heart muscle, protect, feed and support the optimal functioning of the cardiovascular system.
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BAA Cordis designed by Artlife company for effective integrated recovery of the cardiovascular system and the whole body due to the natural activation and optimization of metabolic and energy processes in miokardiotsits, improve circulation and blood supply of heart muscle, blocking the processes of peroxidation of cell structures and biological molecules, preventing the development and progression of atherosclerotic vascular lesions. 
If you ask me whether to have an all or which will give this elite on all items and technologies formula apparently healthy individuals, one of the answers is as follows: periodic reception complex Cordis would prevent the devastating long-term effects of oxygen and energy cell starvation and dangerous myocardial infarction, early the metabolism of fats and progression of atherosclerosis, fatal cardiac arrhythmias, and abnormal blood clots, increasing weakness of the heart muscle and can not be cured koronarokardioskleroz, severe heart failure and early departure of the soul from the body ... This complex will give a chance just lucky enough to get the opportunity to periodically take an active live and work successfully and be securely protected.
 However, the ability of this formula is verified by the balanced composition and focus is impressive not only in the preventative aspect, but also for its healing effects: BAA "Cordis" significantly improves the course and outcome of standard therapy process accelerates the healing process and recovery, helps to prevent complications and relapses, to stabilize the chronic pathological process in the background of medical treatment and reduce side effects of multiple drugs. 
The composition of the formula consists of 23 active ingredients - virtually all the best that is necessary for reliable protection, optimum living and effective functioning primarily the cardiovascular system. The major advantages of the drug are a harmonious combination of prolonged exposure and address the expressed obscheozdoravlivayuschego systemic effect, an effective complementarity and potentiation of its constituent materials, technological innovations and features of the reception.

The basic formula (Frame tablets) consists of 5 groups of substances:
Group 1 - multi-antioxidant complex Tsifrol-5 "(8 of substances with antioxidant and other system-health-improving properties). It can be called even a molecular sieve antiradicalic traps and active carrier-frame for the other ingredients of the formula;
Group 2 - botanical extracts with the so-called targeted treatment effect: an extract of Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, hawthorn berries, peach tree leaf extract, grape seed extract, an extract of aspen bark;
Group 3 - critical for maintaining optimal health of the cardiovascular system of minerals: magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc;
Group 4 - B vitamins: B1, or thiamine, B6, or pyridoxine.
Group 5 - the most important amino acids: taurine, L-carnitine, L-lysine, proline.
In addition to the basic formula, a preparation is given to highly active nanosorbent "Gutta Viva: a complex of soluble dietary fibers and nanoparticles of silicon dioxide.

Such a powerful multi-balanced, has a variety of mechanisms recreational activities and numerous curative effect not only on the state and functioning of the cardiovascular system, but also the whole body. The volume of this publication provides a detailed review all compounding formula, but for some reason the major health-improving effects of extract of leaf peach tree should stay.
Peach leaf extract is extremely rich in natural substances class of polyphenols, which provide its many systemic effects: antioxidant, cardioprotective, sosudoukreplyayuschy, protivotrombozny, obmennokorregiruyuschy, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, onkoprotektorny ... Of all the multifaceted clinical and biochemical effects of extract of leaf peach tree in the foreground of his pronounced antioxidant properties, ability to relax and block the damaging effects to the body of oxidative stress and maintain optimal health of the cardiovascular system. And the "care" about the state of the heart, blood vessels and hemodynamics implemented in several complementary ways: prevention and blocking destructive oxidation processes; correction of lipid metabolism, prevention and containment of atherosclerotic disease, a reduction of platelet aggregation and prevention of pathological blood clots, strengthen connective tissue apparatus of the heart and blood vessels, regulates the impact on the functioning of the heart muscle: a decrease in the frequency and increased strength of heart contractions, activation of insulin production and increase cell sensitivity to carbohydrates, the normalization of intracellular energy processes and the activation energy; the binding of some toxins and heavy metal salts, prevention of early cellular and biological aging, systemic and restorative effect. Thus, taking a product containing an extract of leaf peach tree, we improve and maintain optimal functioning of organs and systems that actively profilaktiruem development of civilization diseases and effectively working on the root causes of fully developed disease, eliminating or reducing their devastating effects on health.
With other components positioned revolutionary formula you can find the relevant seminars or manuals on herbal medicine and Nutritionists.

Complex Cordis operates in the following areas:
- Powerful integrated antioxidant defense and blocking the development of oxidative stress (complex Tsifrol-5, extracts of ginkgo biloba, grape seed, peach leaf, zinc, selenium, taurine, B6);
- Improving the supply of the heart muscle through the activation energy of the level of intracellular energy metabolism and energy optimization miokardiotsitami (extract of hawthorn berries, peach leaf, magnesium, vitamins B1, B6, amino acids, carnitine, taurine, potassium, and some components of the complex Tsifrol-5 ");
- Normalization of heart rate, improved muscle strength and ability of the heart to pumping more blood volume, while maintaining optimal blood circulation and blood supply on the background of the effect of deceleration rate (extracts of hawthorn berries, ginkgo biloba leaf peach, magnesium, taurine, selenium);
- Improvement of microcirculation, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the organs of an extensive system of microvessels (extracts of ginkgo biloba, hawthorn fruit, grape seed, magnesium components "Tsifrol-5");
- Reduction of viscosity, improvement of blood rheology and the prevention of pathological blood clots (extracts from aspen bark, ginkgo biloba, grape seed, peach leaf, magnesium, some components of "Tsifrol-5");
- Optimization of fat metabolism, normalization of relations fractions of cholesterol, prevention of early development and progression of atherosclerosis (amino acids lysine, taurine, carnitine, Tsifrol-5, magnesium, extracts of hawthorn fruit, grape seed, peach leaf, selenium, zinc, B1) ;
- Protection, strengthening muscle, chordal, ligaments, valvular heart and vessel walls, providing plastic functions (Tsifrol-5, in particular, vitamin C and E, beta carotene, hesperidin, grape seed extract, peach leaf, vitamins B, zinc, selenium, amino acids lysine, proline, taurine);
- Ensuring antigipoksantnogo effect: improving the supply of vital organs of oxygen, the prevention and reduction of tissue hypoxia, improving the ability of myocardial cells and brain function under oxygen deficiency (Tsifrol-5, extracts of ginkgo biloba, hawthorn fruit, selenium, magnesium);
- Normalization of vascular permeability, improving elasticity and strength of capillary walls, preventing edema syndrome (an extract of ginkgo biloba, grape seed, peach leaf, taurine, magnesium, B6);
- Correction of vascular tone, a moderate hypotensive effect and a manifestation of the reduction of elevated blood pressure, prevention of vascular spasms and crises (extracts of hawthorn berries, ginkgo biloba leaf peach, grape seed, magnesium, some components of "Tsifrol-5");
- Active prevention of cardiovascular and cerebral disasters (crises, ischemia, heart attacks, strokes, dilation and decompensation, etc.). On this direction in more or less "work" all 23 components of the drug;
- Potentiation and the addition of drugs, accelerated recovery and improved outcomes of standard medical therapy, prevention of complications and recurrence, reduction of severity of side effects of medications;
- Immunocorrective, antitumor and adaptogenic effects of direction ("Tsifrol-5, peach leaf extract, ginkgo biloba, grape seed, selenium, zinc, magnesium, carnitine, B6);
gentle cleansing endoecological space ("Gutta Viva, some components of the basic formula, especially the Tsifrol-5");
- Improvement of the entire body, maintaining the quality and length of active life, prevention of premature cellular and biological aging (all components of the formula).

Some other beneficial and health-restoring effects, provides the complex composition of the drug:

- Improving the status and functions of the brain, neuro-muscular conduction

- Improving the quality of state and functionality of red blood cells, preventing anemia;

- Retardation of fatty degeneration of organs, reducing body fat and weight correction;

- Improving the recovery of the nervous, musculoskeletal and connective tissue after injuries, surgeries, serious illnesses, sports, etc.;

- Reduction of the permeability barrier plazmolimfaticheskogo and improve lymphatic drainage, the normalization of venous permeability and eliminating pastoznost and swelling of soft tissues;

- Protection of the vision and improve the functioning of visual analyzer;

- Optimization of protein metabolism, amino acid synthesis, reproduction, growth and differentiation of cells;

- Activation of insulin production, to protect it from damage and optimize carbohydrate metabolism, prevention and containment of complications of diabetes;

- Optimization of Mineral and electrolyte metabolism, intra-and extracellular balance of essential minerals;

- Moderate antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral effects;

- Easing the flow of premenstrual and menopausal syndromes;

- Maintenance of metabolism and optimal health in strict vegetarianism, special diets, etc.

Clinical studies and confirm the effectiveness of BAA Cordis:

Formal clinical testing of "Cordis" company Artlife conducted at the Department of Internal Medicine FPC and the PPP of the Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk through the additional inclusion of formulas in the standard therapy of patients with coronary heart disease (CHD). We give some results, courtesy of the developers of the complex.
1. Effect on lipid metabolism. Clinical testing of the active complex "Cordis" on patients, volunteers - patients with CHD showed that its inclusion in the traditional scheme of therapy leads to a significant decrease in cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the examined patients treated with this complex (cholesterol decreased from 6,8 to 6,2 mmol / L in the control group and from 7,1 to 5,2 mmol / l - a pilot, and triglyceride levels - from 2,3 to 2,2 and 2,6 to 1.8 mmol / L, respectively), ie . in the standard therapy against further use of the LHC "Cordis" company Artlife investigated lipid profile returned to normal numbers. In parallel, there was an increase the level of so-called "Good" HDL cholesterol (alpha-cholesterol).
2. Rhythmogenic effect. Reception of two tablets of "Cordis" for three weeks led to significant reduction of ECG signs of cardiac arrhythmias (extrasystoles, tachycardia, etc.) in patients to whom he was included in the standard scheme CHD and arrhythmias (frequency registration of a violation cardiac rhythm on the ECG in the control group was at admission 86% after drug therapy - 57%, whereas in the experimental group, after additional inclusion in the scheme of the LHC "Cordis" - 89% and 14% respectively).
3. In addition, we found the ability of the LHC "Cordis" to reduce blood viscosity and reduce the severity of the so-called sludge syndrome that, along with improved lipid profile and increased antioxidant capacity of blood makes this complex the drug of choice in long-term prevention and alternative treatment of atherosclerotic vascular disease and disasters.
The author of these lines in the course of medical practice has accumulated a sufficient number of stories, developments and rave reviews of patients after administration of this amazing complex.


In order to systemic improvement is recommended to take 1 tablet 1-2 times daily 30-40 minutes after ingestion nanosorbenta "Gutta Viva and the duration of the main reception - 2 months. Repeated courses are planned on the basis of the initial general condition, the objectives of reception, the dynamics of being and the basic parameters, with the objective obstacles for long-term medication as a prophylactic measure does not exist.
Formula can be combined with other Badami for vzaimopotentsiirovaniya and additions Curative action and get the best results in complex preventive or therapeutic programs, or in conjunction with an expert designated by the medication. The complex is not in traditional medicines, it can not replace or revoke the previous medication before use in the treatment process are encouraged to consult with their physician or a specialist in herbal medicine.


  Coronary heart disease; Cardiac arrhythmia (arrhythmia, tachycardia); hypertension; condition after heart attack, stroke; prevention of atherosclerosis, prevention of cardiac arrhythmias; increased physical activity

Recommendations for use:
  BAA "Cordis" is recommended as a supplementary source of vitamins (B1, B6, C, E, beta-carotene), minerals (zinc, selenium, magnesium), a source of flavonoids (dihydroquercetin, gesperedin, anthocyanins), L-taurine, L-carnitine.

How to use:
  adults: 1 tablet 2 times daily with meals. Taking 2 tablets ensures the supply of selenium -100 mcg - 140% Zinc - 12 mg - 80% Vitamin B6 - 2 mg - 100% Vitamin B1 - 1,7 mg - 100% tocopherol acetate - 10 mg - 100%; beta carotene - 3,5 mg - 70% of ascorbic acid - 25 mg 36% hesperidin - 40 mg - 40%; dihydroquercetin - 10 mg - 40%; L-carnitine - 100 mg - 34%, L-Taurine - 100mg - 26%, superoksidismutazy - 100 units (U); Coenzyme Q10 - 2,5 mg - 10% Magnesium - 40 mg - 10% of the recommended daily intake levels.

  Individual intolerance to the components. Before applying are encouraged to consult with your doctor.

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  3 years from the date of manufacture.

Storage Conditions:
  Store at room temperature in a dry place inaccessible to children.

  "TSIFROL-5, 100 mg (Tocopherol acetate 5 mg , Beta carotene, 1.75 mg , Ascorbic acid, 12.5 mg , 20 mg hesperidin ; Dihydroquercitin (DHA) 5 mg , Superoxide dismutase (SOD) 100 U , Coenzyme Q10 1,25 mg ; Hibiscus extract 11.5 mg) , Hawthorn fruit extract 50 mg , Ginkgo biloba 24% extract 50 mg ; Peach leaf extract 50 mg ; Aspen bark extract, 25 mg ; Grape seeds extract, 5 mg ; L-Taurine 50 mg ; L-Carnitine 50 mg ; L-Lysine 50 mg ; L-Proline 50 mg ; Potassium Orotate 100 mg ; Magnesium Oxide 33.16 mg ; Magnesium 20 mg , 32.5 mg zinc aspartate ; Zinc 6 mg , Sodium selenite 0.12 mg ; Selenium 0.05 mg , Thiamine mononitrate (B1) 0.85 mg , Pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6) 1 mg.

  Certificate of state registration number of 30.01.200