Candy Karkade with cherry taste

low calories enriched
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Low-calorie sweets Karkade perfectly complement the diet of the people leading a healthy lifestyle and controlling body weight. Balanced combination of the extract Karkade with minerals has a beneficial effect on carbohydrate and fat metabolism, enhances immunity and preventing diseases of the cardiovascular system. 
It is recommended for dietary and diabetic supplies.
100 grams of sweets includes:
protein 1.27 g, 19.18 g fat, carbohydrate 68.18 g, magnesium 211 mg, 119.5 mg calcium;
Phosphorus 92.62 mg ascorbic acid, 70 mg, 12 mg of zinc, chromium 50 mcg;
Energy value of 450.47 kcal

Milk candy Candy Pantogemka with grapes taste

  not recommended for patients with phenylketonuria.

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  Shelf life 12 months from the date of manufacture

Storage Conditions:
  Store at room temperature in a dry place.

  milk powder plant, fructose, lactose, an extract of the petals Karkade, kafos, flavoring food, "Cherry", citric acid, ascorbic acid, maltose, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, sweetener aspasvit, chromium picolinate.