Kissel Raspberry on fructose

enriched with vitamins and chromium on fructose Instant preparation
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Product from Art Life is intended for health programs, dietetic and diabetic food, has a bracing effect, helps prevent colds and positive effects on metabolism.
Raspberries are traditionally used for colds, flu, acute respiratory infections. Contains substances that improve the formation of blood. 
Vitamin-mineral complex:
Chromium is biologically active regulator of insulin activity is required for diseases of the cardiovascular system, promotes normal metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
Vitamin C helps to increase the strength of vessel walls, providing protection from viruses and bacteria.
Vitamin E is fat-soluble vitamin, antioxidant, possesses various biological activities. Protects cells from harmful effects of free radicals that can keep your skin healthy, accelerates the healing of burns and wounds, is able to block formation of carcinogens.
Vitamin A is known for its properties to ensure a good night vision, bone growth, improves skin, increases resistance to infection.
Biotin (H) is necessary for normal metabolism of fat and protein. It is very important for the skin and hair.
B vitamins support the resistance to colds upper respiratory tract, strengthen the tone of the body, increases efficiency.
Kissels fruit-berry «Frutto Active» on fructose - a product of reduced calories. Fructose is a positive effect on metabolism. Eating kissels on fructose is safe for people with high blood sugar levels. 
1 cup ready-to-drink beverage that contains:
Carbohydrates 12.28 g, Vitamin C 45.0 mg Vitamin B3 9.75 mg Vitamin E 4.61 mg;
D-calcium pantothenate (B5) 3.96 mg;
Vitamin B6 0.91 mg Vitamin B1 0.86 mg Vitamin B2 0.86 mg Vitamin A 0.85 mg;
Folic-ta to (B9) 300.0 mcg; Biotin (H), 107.14 mg; Chromium 7.5 mcg '
Vitamin D3 5,49 mg, vitamin B12 1.71 mcg '
Energy value of 49.13 kcal

Kissel Blueberry-Cherry Kissel Blueberry on fructose

Recommendations for use:
  How to prepare: a glass (200 ml) - 3 teaspoons of jelly. In a glass pour 3 tablespoons, add a bit of cold boiled water, dissolve the pellets and add while stirring the remaining amount of hot water (96-98 C). The intensity of flavor and density depend on the amount of added water. Kissel advised to take a dry spoon. After opening the package tightly and store in a dry place.

  not recommended for patients with phenylketonuria

Is the medicine:

  fructose, lactose, starch, juice concentrate, citric acid, multivitamin complex, chromium picolinate, aspasvit sweetener, flavoring food Malina.