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Compote Apricot made on the basis of natural juice contains pieces of ripe fruit and lots of vitamins.

Vitamins boost the body's defenses of the child and provide it with energy required for an active day. 
Vitamin complex product matched with age-appropriate needs of the child's body: 
Vitamin C - helps strengthen the immune system. 
Vitamin A - essential for normal bone growth, supports the immune system.
B vitamins - carry energy support necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system.
Vitamin E - protects the body from harmful free radicals.
Vitamin D3 - has a huge impact on the growth and preservation of bone tissue in the body.
Vitamin K - necessary for normal blood clotting and protein synthesis.

Nutritional value of 1 glass of alcoholic drink:
Carbohydrates 9,0 g 
Ascorbic acid (C) 25.9 mg 
Vitamin E 1.62 mg 
D-calcium pantothenate 1.05 mg 
Vitamin B3 0.81 mg 
Vitamin A 0,19 mg 
Riboflavin 0.18 mg 
Vitamin B1 0.16 mg 
Vitamin B6 0.13 mg 
Folic acid (B9) 12.9 mcg 
Vitamin K 12.9 mcg 
Vitamin D3 1.6 mcg 
Cyanocobalamin 0.3 mcg 
Biotin 4.8 mcg 
Energy value 36.0 kcal

Oat Kissel with plantain Kissel 500 grams

Recommendations for use:
  Preparation: 10 g pellet (2 teaspoons with a slide) was dissolved in 1 cup hot water (96-98 C). The intensity of flavor and density depend on the amount of added water. Recommended as a restorative product for gipoavitominozah, physical and mental fatigue, reduced immunity, as an additional source of vitamins for children from 3 years to 1 glass, children age 7 and older, 2-3 cups per day.

  not recommended for patients with phenylketonuria

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  1 year from date of manufacture.

Storage Conditions:
  stored in a cool, dry place

  powdered sugar, starch, juice concentrate, freeze-dried slices of peach, apricot and apple, citric acid, multivitamin complex for children, poslastitel aspasvit, food dye (Pons, tartrazine), food flavoring