Gel-concentrate Red Brush

basis for making a drink on the extract of red brush instant preparation
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"Red Brush - for health discovery" - talking about this plant inhabitants of Siberia and Altai. Red brush contains substances that have immunostimulating and adaptogenic actions. Red brush increases resistance to infectious diseases, mental and physical performance, is effective in diseases associated with hormonal background, and atherosclerosis.
Regular consumption of gel-concentrate "Red Brush" enhances the body's resistance to the effects of environmental hazards, accelerates adaptation to new conditions of life and / or work.

Gel-concentrate Chaga Gel-concentrate tea sweetvetch

Recommendations for use:
  1 teaspoon dissolved in ½ - 1 cup boiling water. Use in hot or cold.

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  12 months from the date of manufacture of the product

  extract of red brush (Rhodiola quadrinominal), sorbitol (E 420), citric acid (E 330), thickener - akusel (E 466), Grinstead (E 412, E 415), preservative (E 202), water. Nutritional supplements with index E are approved for use by the Ministry of Health, as safe. Energy value of 100 g of dry product -194.7 kcal

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