Gel-concentrate Chaga

basis for making a drink on the shelf fungus extract instant preparation
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Since ancient times the peoples of Siberia chaga used to treat and prevent various diseases. Extract of the plant contains a chromogenic complex and a large number of trace elements: calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and sterols, organic acids, alkaloids. With such a diverse part of Chaga has no toxic effects on the body and is safe to use. Today proved a powerful restorative and anti-shelf fungus, including the region of the gastrointestinal tract. Regular consumption of gel-concentrate "Chaga" strengthens the immune status, adaptation to the effects of the environment, the prevention of diseases of the digestive system, reduces the risk of tumor development.

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Recommendations for use:
  1 teaspoon dissolved in ½ - 1 cup boiling water. Use in hot or cold.

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  12 months from the date of manufacture of the product

  chagi extract, sorbitol (E 420), citric acid (E 330), thickener - akusel (E 466), Grinstead (E 412, E 415), preservative (E 202), water. Nutritional supplements with index E are approved for use by the Ministry of Health, as safe. Energy value of 100 g of dry product -194.7 kcal

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