Pinotel ideal

Cedar protein-vitamin cocktail to maintain optimal weight
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Pinotel Ideal will help compensate for the deficiency of protein and fiber in your daily diet.

Recommended as a product for reducing body fat, the normalization of the carbohydrate-fat metabolism, improvement of ecological community intestine, to prevent violations of the cardiovascular system, diseases of bone, like diet and diabetic products. "Pinotel ideal" is recommended to maintain optimal body weight, with different diets, sports (fitness, kalanetikoy, aerobics, athletics and other sports) and mental stress. 
Cocktail Pinotel Ideal "is enriched with vitamins C, B6, B1, B9, medium chain triglyceride, citrus fiber, which contains fructose, L-carnitine and lipoic acid. In addition, in the cocktail is extract the material and caffeine. Extract the material is effective for physical and mental fatigue, nervous disorders, rheumatism and headaches due to congestion and stress. The active ingredients materials improves metabolic processes and mobilize glucose and fat stores, thereby creating an important supply of mineral nutrients for the body. This effect supports an increase in mental alertness, reduces appetite. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, activates hormones that affect metabolism, promotes greater muscle contractions, increases resistance to stress, reduces muscle fatigue.
"Pinotel Ideal" great additional source of easily digestible protein with defective and / or unbalanced diet (depletion of the body, dieting). 
For those who control the mass of the body - is valid replacement meal cocktail (instead of breakfast and / or dinner) for various sports (fitness, kalanetik, aerobics, athletics, etc.) is recommended 2 servings a cocktail drink for 2 hours before exercise and two hours after exercise (20 g) or pre-workout 40 grams for 1 admission. To build muscle mass 20 g 3 times a day as a complement to food.
Nutritional value of 40 g of dry product: 9.3 g Protein: Glutamine 1.48 g - 10.89% asparagine, 0.91 g - 7.4%, arginine 0.74 g - 12.13%, phenylalanine + tyrosine * 0.73 g - 16,5%, Leucine * 0.68 g - 14.78%, Lysine * 0.58 g - 14,15%, proline 0.52 g - 11.56%, valine 0.48 * g - 19,2%, serine 0.44 g - 5.3%, Isoleucine * 0.39 g - 19,5%, Threonine * 0.39 g - 16,25%, alanine 0.39 g - 5 99%, methionine + cystine 0.35 g * - 19.14%, glycine 0.31 g - 8,86%, L - carnitine 0,25 g - 83%, histidine 0.22 g - 10,5% cysteine, 0.17 g tryptophan 0.16 g * - 20% Fat 6.0 g, conjugated linoleic acid 0,5 g - 5%, medium chain triglyceride 0.5 g, carbohydrates 19.2 g, 2.0 g lactulose - 72% Dietary fiber: soluble 0.53 g - 26%, insoluble 1.39 g - 7% Caffeine 12.5 mg - 25% Minerals: Phosphorus 210 mg - 26%, Calcium 192 mg - 15% Iodine 47.3 mg - 32%, chromium 49.5 mg - 70% Vitamins: Vitamin C 23.1 mg - 30% Vitamin B6 0.66 mg - 30% Vitamin B1 0,59 mg - 30% 0.14 mg vitamin B9 - 30% Lipoic Acid 15 mg - 50% of the daily requirement for an adult (according to MR 
* - Essential amino acids
Energy value of 40 g of dry product: 168 Kcal

Pinotel Balance

How to use:
  20 g (2 tbsp) of powder to pour into a glass, add a bit of cold boiled water or milk, dissolve the powder to a smooth consistency and add while stirring the remaining amount of liquid (at the rate of 20 g per 80-100 ml of liquid). For the formation of thick savory foam is better for making a cocktail shaker to use, with a mixer or blender.

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  1 year from date of manufacture.

Storage Conditions:
  Store in a dry place at room temperature.

  soy protein, protein fraction of pine nuts, fructose, lactulose, albumin, cellulose citrus fibrulin (inulin from chicory), medium chain triglyceride Delios S powder, conjugated linoleic acid Tonalin 1960 WPD, thickener (dietary fiber), L-carnitine, flavoring food, gum arabic (gum acacia Sinegal), an extract of the material, methionine, cystine, lipoic acid, caffeine, vitamins: C, B6, B1, B9, chromium picolinate.

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