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Drink on the basis of Siberian plants
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Summer are very popular soft drinks, and the company Art Life specifically for distributors developed and marketed a unique product - a series of instant herbal teas: "Karkade with raspberry flavor," Morning, "" Evening "," Afternoon, "" Bouquet of Siberia, Light ".
Tea drinks are the highlight of the series "7 day healthy eating", which also includes useful micronutrient-fortified cereals and instant soups. Teas are based on extracts of Siberian medicinal herbs, enriched with vitamins and minerals, and can be an excellent alternative, as fizzy drinks, as well as traditional tea and coffee. A unique manufacturing technology has allowed a new type of tea, which instantly dissolves in water of any temperature, and preserves this wonderful taste and aroma of natural fruits and berries.

At the heart of the series - the idea to offer a healthy alternative to all the drinks that people consume in a day. Morning coffee instead of the traditional ideal tonic tea drink "Bouquet of Siberia." It will give courage and energize the whole day. Heaviness in the stomach and drowsiness after meals will help to remove the tea beverage "Afternoon." Drink "Evening" is perfect as an evening tea. He will leave with the daily stress and gently prepare the body for sleep. Supplement series - tea drinks with Hibiscus and "Morning", whose action is beneficial to the bowels. 
Tea beverage "Bouquet of Siberia" - gives a charge of vivacity and good mood all day. It helps activate the body's defenses and normalizes the function of the gastrointestinal tract, and leads to normal blood pressure. The composition of the drink is Badan, thoroughwax, meadowsweet, Rhodiola rosea, oregano, thyme and red root.

Tea drink Bouquet of Siberia, based on extracts of Siberian herbs energize, protect and enhance your health.

The original composition of tea beverage (oregano, thoroughwax, thyme, Rhodiola rosea, red root) helps to strengthen immunity, normalize blood pressure and improve pischevareniya.Produkt included in the line of functional foods «Time».
Nutritional value per 100 grams: carbohydrates - 90.85 g, Vitamin C - 600 mg 
Energy value: 336 kcal


Tea drink Karkade

Recommendations for use:
  Method of coffee making: the contents of the bag is dissolved in a glass (150-200 ml) of boiling water. The drink can be eaten both hot and cold. The intensity of the taste depends onon the amount of of added water .

Is the medicine:

  fructose, herbal extracts: leaf Bergenia, thoroughwax grass, the herb oregano, herb Filipendula, Rhodiola rosea root, red root herb kipreya, herb thyme, citric acid, vitamin C, flavor of food.

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