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Spices, which give the sausage incomparable and incredible taste

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indispensable part of every holiday withTNT is directly meats, sausage and more precisely. It is no sausage, never do. For example, when guests come just for the weekend or on a holiday. Every good housewife trying to buy high-quality sausage   or prepare their own her house.

Of course,homemade sausage is much tastier and healthier. Therefore, in such a delicate and complex technologies are an important part of it, which give an incredible taste and aroma. They have plenty of different types, but the best for meat dishes, namely sausages are:

1. Clove (bud, youof dried allspice; namely myrtle family);
2. black pepper (fruit that is fully ripe, a perennial plant, pepper family);
3. nutmeg (nutmeg fruit of the tree);
4. Cardamom (evergreen fruit plants, the ginger family);
5. garlic (garlic contains oil, which gives a specific taste);
6. coriander (fruit of the plant - the family Umbelliferae);

As a rule, for the manufacture of sausages used as spice oleoresins, not natural. They are directly combine a mixture of multicomponent and complex organic substances, natural, and are active biological componentof food. And also, they are completely and very well retain the aroma and taste of spices directly, it is natural.

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