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What is bee pollen

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Everyone once in your life, treated folk remedies: colds, sore throat and lifted the immunity of the body with the help of the honey. Healthfuls properties of honey are known to all for a long time, but very few people know about the product family naipolezneyshemu bee – ambrosia. By the way, you can online store

Pollen – this pollen from a flower, which are collected by bees, and is it in the honeycomb cell. Under the influence of natural conditions in this product containsby a large amount of lactic acid, which creates the effect of conservation. Bees use ambrosia for brood rearing, and therefore its energy value is extremely high. Eating ambrosia, bees form a very short time, cardio - vascular, nervous system, circulatory, gastrointestinal tract, and their mass increases at this time in 1500, thatvidetelstvuet of multifunctional use of this substance.

Ambrosia is very useful, active supplements as it is the only source of minerals and protein for bees, and also has other substances that take part in all the processes of the body. Medicinal substances pollen gets outmedicinal herbs as a large concentration of these nutrients. Analog pollen, there is   in any of the world, and natural products, only with the interference means of the laboratory values ??can achieve similar chemical means. Also ambrosia maximum absorbed by the body, enhancing the effect of the life-giving substances, whereby holesMalizia organ function.  

For the human body is pollen strengthens the immune system, promotes rapid healing of damaged tissues, improves blood circulation, metabolism, and blood pressure. Also particularly relevant for the treatment and prevention of cardiac and cardiovascular Zabolments, the exchange of liver cells,   stimulating activity of the lungs, kidneys, and so on. d.

Contra minimum product: personal intolerance ingredients bee, children under 5 years of age and severe diabetes.

Methods of application pearls are very simple and use as well as pyltsa but useful it is ten times more. This product must be applied on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before meals and drink water. While still in the mouth, Pearl   begins to rapidly absorbed by the body. It is worth noting that it is not recommended to take ambrosia before bedtime, since it acts a strong tonic effect, which can cause sleeplesstsu.

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