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Selection of women's handbags

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Bag - container, which is made of leather or fabric, has the form of bags, cases with handles and is used to transfer all things.
Weedy bags:

  • Shopping;
  • Women;
  • Sanitary;
  • Beach bag.

What kinds of unique women's handbags

Women's handbag has long been something legendary. On her daily life originated many anecdotes and interesting stories. Especially the ladies' sumochku remember men who are not thrilled with the fact that their favorite did not find it, and for a long time digging in it. Large selection of women's bags contain. The handbag is the main thing in a woman's wardrobe. In the wardrobe of a beautiful woman is hard to find such a thing, which is comparable in significance against the bags. In addition, of course, torogih trendy shoes.

The History of

The first handbags were, somewhere in 1630 and immediately won the whole of Europe. They were worn on the shoulder or on a belt and, of course, in the crook of the elbow. Make such bags of all possible materials pridatnyh: leather, tapestry and fabric. But in the modern worlda variety of bags too great to choose a better one. The main thing to always remember that, in what circumstances and for what purpose it will be used in your life.
Types of modern luxury and casual handbags:


The daily bag is designed to work, the business entirelytrechi with business partners, as well as visits to various authorities. The strict and proper form of bag should contain the necessary documents, as well as accessories, and it should be good to use. Usually in such bags should be a minimum of unnecessary accessories.

On the way

This bag for prekrasnogabout Movies, cafe, restaurant, or just to visit. There are various designs: classic, mod, elegant, glamorous. Purses small and medium-sized used for what would have included only the most necessary. &Nbsp; We can assume that any style, but other than sports and business.

Road sumki

The handbags importantly - a unique size, may contain the necessary road and all the little things to stay neat feminine accessory. Never should be no restrictions on style and design. Fitting, of course, as little as possible.
Models of are: bags, suitcases, trunks, carts withakvoyazhi.


These bags should be comfortable in a disco, as well as during a romantic walk along the waterfront. Design can anyone just outside strict. Use accessories should be limited. The amount of such bags should be reliable, small and medium-sized. Models are as follows: backpack, Sports bag, backpack, bag, pouch.
Of course, a great selection of bags, you can see in the market or just a store, but it was better to buy bags online at special sites for the sale of women's handbags.

Choosing a good handbag

First of all, you should be well prepared to ensure that the quality ofennaya bag - it's very expensive. Because it is its tailoring to be of high quality expensive material, such as genuine leather first class. We must avoid the yellow bags, because she oblezet a month, but if it is expensive and quality, then the risk is not great. Pay more attention to proportion. Large bags are notmediocre thin straps and tiny little koshelechki on thick straps look very ridiculous, so they must be proportionate in all. To the bottom of the bag is not obsharpyvalos you need to buy a quality shoe polish color to the proper handbag.
And finally, remember it is not necessary to buy the hard and uglybags, in which the skin and the lining is always one and only sewn seam. If you have to go with the bag in public transport, it is, of course, you can easily fall prey to thieves, because to disclose such a bag is not difficult: one cut and the contents of the bag will already be in the hands of others.

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