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Have you ever thought about the expense of what a person is so superior in terms of personal development and obschestIslands in general, all other living species? The fact is that he has special psychic unit that allows you to actively engage in creative activities. But any creation - this is the development, improvement, etc. It also defines the fact that human society is quite differentiated, diverse in terms of psihologii. Every day we have to worry about hundreds of situations that between completely different effects on our psyche with you. In these situations, it is quite normal adequate reaction of the body (ie the mind), and in the other - can lead to quite serious consequences and failures. Given the psychological burden that Comditsya worry us in today's society, frequency and severity of such crashes is increasing. And if we consider the fact that we do not know and do not understand the mentality of 90 percent, the expected rapid and self-recovery of such shocks is hardly necessary.

What is psychosocial support?

If you analyze all the good that surrounds us in our daily lives, it becomes obvious that all we want quality. For example, we want to make shoes or clothes that we buy, make quality, exactly the same as the ratio in the family should be calm and transparent. And so in all, eachm step, every minute. This is a tremendous psychological, primarily load on our organism, particularly when in some of its elements failure occurs. Then it seems that everything is falling apart and find a solution almost impossible. Such situations of our time are not uncommon, and in conditions of extremely low psychological Homeworkki of each member of society to get out of the stupor smoothly and without consequences can often only with the help of a professional psychologist. Counseling therapist - one of several types of professional psychological assistance to a person rather specific in terms of the initial state of the latter. The fact is, psychological counselingI focused on the category of the population that does not have clearly defined clinical mental health problems. Her (consultation) is primarily associated with the need to solve problems in the household or professional activities, communication, relationships in society and family.

The goals of counseling

In the general sense, the purpose of such activities, like any other, is to help the client to understand and solve their problems. However, given the impact on the development of the industry psihopomoschi as purely psychotherapeutic and philosophical methods, Different schools have different perceptions of their final purpose and role in the life of the client. In the hourtnosti, there are two main areas of counseling:

  1. behavioral-oriented (changes in customer behavior);
  2. The existential (customer assistance in the realization of life and their role in it).

Lines counseling

The species classification CONSULTation is based primarily on the object and the field consists of the following elements:

  1. Individual consultation.
  2. The family consultation.
  3. Group consultation.
  4. Professional advice.
  5. Multicultural counseling.

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