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Distribution of Traditional Medicine

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Among all of our great generation is now much less of all healthy people than allGDS was once much earlier. Today, many chronic diseases today, and related diseases. They escorted us directly to our early years, we did not even blame quite so we are born. But there are those who simply believe that it is all the fault of our civilization, with its unique progress, which onlybut it destroys not only all of us, but our big environmental impact. They simply believe that the main problem is just a great medication, namely its abuse.

People modern medicine - that is to say, a large branch of all scientific medicine, which contains a lot of good allx Knowledge of various diseases, as well as unique methods for their good treatment. They immediately gathered over the centuries, from generation to generation, it was our ancestors. More about this can be found on the website.

Previously, all traditional medicine simply does not differ from traditional qualitative as well as now. The term « traditional medicine » just come up with a unique German doctors, scientists. They always noticed relation to all public health and good treatment, they applied to it qualitatively. It has always been part and quackery, and even mystical magic. It was just, so to speak, is all natural treatment resuces and their beliefs. It is also good to use hygiene, and as a simple standard and unique traditional medicine. So, the whole term « traditional medicine » it meant a good representation of the population about the disease and all the different ways the quality of their treatment. But it is traditional medicine all the scientists and not with thenyali because they were supporters of a good scientific approach, and the fact that they simply could not explain - in fact considered abnormal. And in the end, the term began to be perceived as something just questionable, it does not inspire confidence.

At present nowadays nobody even recommended to contact all traditsionnoy medicine and even engaged in the self-treatment, because it has always considered very dangerous and certainly ineffective or even almost ineffective. Conducted modern research has shown that it is almost all good healers do not have a unique medical education, and some even to consider the mentally deranged.

Previously, very long time, high-quality folk medicine has always been very popular. Many good sorcerers and healers used all the unique herbs and use them has always been the most common. Of all of them we do the most high-quality medical ointments and compresses. The people of Egypt great when even the opium USINGal it for medicinal purposes. A large Tibetan medicine in general created many miracles: it has always been said that there is such a substance in our nature, which would not be useful to us   our medicinal purposes.

Most of hygiene in those times have put a great start to our modern scientific hygiene, and thatkzhe a lot of knowledge about it, which directly developed and enriched throughout the centuries.

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