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Useful than green tea?

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Without this ancient healing drink as tea, which came to us from the East, it is difficult today to imagine the life of the presentyaschego gourmet. Hot, pungent, with a variety of flavors of green tea was stages of its formation and now is an indispensable attribute of the daily meal. With honey and lemon, milk, sometimes with salt, pepper or butter (each nation chooses what he likes) green tea found favor throughout the world not only benefitsgifted with exquisite taste, but also the unique properties that are noticed by the ancient eastern healers used green tea as a powerful medicinal plant.

The chemical composition of the leaves

Chemical composition leaves actually unique: they contain about 300 different elements, including zinc, calcium, iron,phosphorus, silicon, proteins and carbohydrates, and vitamins C1, B1, B2, OT, B5, K, P. Therefore natural that green tea is used to prevent and even cure many diseases.

And, most importantly, how to brew green tea, so he did not lose its unique properties?

Waspsoboe attention should be paid to the quality and temperature of the water. Only fresh brewed tea (no different adverse odors) with hot water, not boiling water.

It is better for brewing utensils are made of porcelain and earthenware. Before you pour the tea leaves in a teapot, it is necessary to rinse the dishes several times with boiling water towell warmed. Some nutritionists advise adding a little sugar to the tea leaves (in any case - is not ready to drink, because then it will lose the healing properties). It turns out that when brewed tea sugar ensures that plant leaves « give » the maximum amount of nutrients.

Serving tea costs 5 - the maximum - 30 minutes after cooking, as later the drink becomes toxic, and drink it in no way recommended. &Nbsp; To feel the beneficial effect of green tea, nutritionists recommend eating daily 4- 6 cups. You can also add to the cooled drink slice of lemon or ApelSina, or a spoonful of honey. The English love to drink green tea, add it to the milk (and vice versa), believing that the best way of substance mixed. The Mongols complement the taste of the tea oil, milk, flour, salt, and sometimes - and pepper, as in Burma and Thailand consume pickled or salted tea, adding to it spices, oil, garlic, seafood, etc.THER ingredients. At the time, I had to try to drink Tibetan recipe by adding milk to green tea, salt and melted butter: amazing taste was quite spicy and enjoyable. Since this is extremely energy drink, it gives courage and strength for a few days ...

To nasladitsI beauty and elegance of the tea ceremony, is not necessarily to go to Japan and find a tea house to approach the knowledge of the truth. Tired of grueling travel, or everyday problems, drink this golden amber drink with people closest to you, enjoy a range of gourmet taste of the divine plant thatgives vitality, health and longevity ...

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