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With the help of switches and switch provides switching of electric appliances and parts of illuminatineither I. They can be very different in design:

  • perekidnymy;
  • turning;
  • one-, two- and three-key;
  • equipped with traction cord.

They can be madeus for a private or public setting (protected version). Especially for outdoor installation made splash-proof switches. Maximum current circuit breakers up to 6 A, for metal contacts, the figure is 10 A. Position switches determined by the design element and the purpose of the premises. Switches, prednazThe shutter for fixtures that are in wet or very humid room (bathroom), better make neighboring rooms, where environmental conditions meet the safety requirements. Switches with the same key must be mounted so that the power-up by pressing the lower part of the key. Lightingor heating elements can be equipped with switches that send or distribute electricity in different ways.

The switch, which is designed to disable or enable the lighting equipment from different places, is used in situations where there is a need to regulate the work of Liutus or lamp from different places apartments, for example, of a corridor, kitchen, living room, in the large room, connecting the two rooms. This switch has three terminals for connection. Electric circuit is set so that the passage of electricity, there are two paths between different terminals. Dump can be turned on or off by two pereklyuchatelyami. In practice this is as follows: connected not directly but via the terminals inside the switch. Terminal marked "P" is designed to connect wiring, underwater electrical voltage. The other two wires can be routed to other terminals in any order.

What are the switches and switchTeli

What are the switches and switches. If there is a chandelier with different modes of incorporation of lamps with different intensity, it must be set to a cascade switch. This should be done so as to preserve the ability to incorporate some or all lamps in the luminaire. To mustacheestablish, in the dark corridor switch or night light with light button, scraped with unnecessary Christmas toys little bit of phosphorescent composition. Mix it with a substance with BF-2 and apply the mixture on the button. If you want to go from the street into a lighted corridor embed in school-button switch on the refrigerator. Make it so that in the closedthe door is fully recessed button. This switch is connected in parallel with the switch in the hallway. This system eliminates the need to scour his hand on the wall in the dark hallway. As soon as the door is opened, the light will light in the corridor. On the open doors, turn the wall switch to light is not quenched and two slampt. Switch-button can be built on the jamb and a bath or powder room. In this case, install rigid metal door handle of that door in the closed position will utaplivat switch. Once you go into the bathroom, the light will automatically turn on, and as soon as the door closes, the world will turn off immediately.

Lamps duty light very quickly burn out and fail. Mainly, this is due to the fact that at night the utility voltage increased many times over. In order to keep the lamp, turn them polkanala. Here's how: set double switch, which is mounted in the housing semiconductor Diod D226. With the change of the switch position changes and the degree of power the lamp.

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