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Burning in the stomach: the main causes

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One of the very discomfort that occurs after a meal – this is heartburn, or a feeling person. It may not occur in itself and the reason of this phenomenon is a constant load on the digestive system. In this moment there are disturbances in acid balance, and release the juice of the stomach with some violations. A number of factors that will trigger heartburn are huge. So today we will learn about the most popular.


Main causes of burning sensation

by Itself, heartburn tells us about some functional disorders which occur in the gastro-intestinal tract. The most popular of them are:

  • Improper diet. At constant eating very heavy food, all sorts of carbonated drinks, alcohol, salty, spicy or fatty foods – the surest way to cause heartburn. By the way, it will become a regular companion of any meal;
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  • Cause damage to the mucosa of the esophagus or stomach, which usually affects the hydrochloric acid contained in the juice of the stomach, that gastritis and ulcers;
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  • Another very popular cause of heartburn – increased acidity of gastric juice. It also begins to break down mucous and a person the feeling of acute pain, which affects not only the stomach, but the esophagus up to the larynx;
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  • If in the stomach there are different kinds of pathogenic bacteria, like Escherichia coli, this can also cause a burning sensation in the human stomach;
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  • Can cause burning and common stress. Everyone's body is different reacts to situations of an emergency nature. Some intense stress can even lead to a complete stopping of the stomach, the appearance constipation, heartburn, or even a little bloating. Stress often leads to vomiting;
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  • In the presence of diaphragmatic hernia heartburn in the stomach and nausea after taking food due to the fact that some portion of the stomach is protruding into the chest cavity through the hole, which is located in the diaphragm.

so today, you learned what is the cause of heartburn in the human stomach. Therefore, I recommend to be checked in a good doctor and undergo a long treatment. Good luck and good health!


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