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Manual therapy: what is it?

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What is chiropractic? This is very relevant for today the question we try to answer in this article and help us Alexander Anatolyevich - the member of the Odessa scientific-medical center "Mohammed", where you can go and enjoy a professional massage.

Chiropractic comes from the Greek. the word "therapeia" (treatment), and also lat. the word "manus" (hand) and means nothing more than the treatment arms. This type of therapy is characterized by a metered local impact the hands of a chiropractor to the joints of the limbs and spine, ligaments, muscles, fascia of the patient, in order to correct posture and eliminate pain (by restoring the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal apparatus).

Manual therapy has a 2-VA section of manual diagnosis and manual therapy directly. This branch of medicine combines cutting-edge achievements: neurophysiology, Orthopaedics and neurology.


Who can do this type of therapy?

Initially manual therapy could only make orthopedists-traumatologists, and neurologists that specialized courses. But today, manual therapy is the primary specialization is available for all physicians.


When should appointment to a chiropractor?

the Most frequent problems under which the treatment is carried out in a given specialist is:

  • Lumbago — acute sudden lower back pain (aka lumbago lumbar);
  • Sciatica;
  • Lumbalgia;
  • Pain in the blades;
  • Pain in shoulder joint;
  • limitation on mobility in the major joints or the spine;
  • neck Pain, which often irradiiruet in the head or hand;
  • heart Pain (when a person has a perfectly normal cardiogram);
  • Pain in elbow;
  • Pain in hip joint area;
  • Dizziness, frequent headaches and ringing in the ears;
  • numbness in the toes or hands;
  • memory loss;
  • Aching pain in knee;
  • Infringement of concentration of attention;
  • Coccygodynia;
  • Pain in the buttocks;
  • Osteochondrosis of pozvonochnika;
  • Herniated disc;
  • Protrusion of the intervertebral disc.

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