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Rectal suppositories of hemorrhoids: what to choose?

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Hemorrhoids is a painful and very unpleasant disease, which according to statistics aches > 50 % of the adult population. This disease is treated, using different methods: herbal medicine, massage, anti-hemorrhoidal medications, surgery. Among drugs of the huge popularity of rectal suppositories (suppositories hemorrhoids), characterized by great efficiency. By the way, in Ukraine the quality of the Polish you can buy on the website:


How to use candles from hemorrhoids?

Rectal suppositories is a medical means of cylindrical form for local use, helping to eliminate painful symptoms of hemorrhoids. Often, candles from hemorrhoids used conjunction with other medications.

In conjunction with the local treatment, proctology patients also prescribed a special diet (no fatty, salty, spicy), so there was no exacerbation of the disease, as well as tablets (Detralex, protonic, caffeine, Bisacodyl).

do not Even think to self-medicate with candles from hemorrhoids. Each type of this disease has its own features, therefore different instances ant hemorrhoid medications different actions.


manual using candles from hemorrhoids:

  • after a bowel movement need to take a shower (an ideal time for this procedure is the time immediately before bedtime);
  • next you need to lay on my side;
  • then vinati the candle from the packaging;
  • next, immediately after removal from the packaging, the candle should gently inserted into the anus;
  • then you have to take the supine position for 30 min, until the candle is dissolved.

to avoid “leak” candles from hemorrhoids, it is better to lie on your stomach. It is also necessary to ensure that the candle did not fail directly into the rectum.



Rectal suppositories are an excellent medication which in combination with other medications helps fast enough to get rid of hemorrhoids. The exact diet, instructions proctologist about the use of candles from hemorrhoids and taking SUPPLEMENTS will give the patient an opportunity in the short term to return to his normal life.

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