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History of shoes

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Shoes is an indispensable attribute gardiroba each person. Now you can online shoe store, in the bazaar, in the companyboutique, and so on. d. The history of shoes is quite interesting and quite entertaining, even more interesting than you can imagine it is just present. Of course on this topic are quite a few stories we could talk about it forever. But it is possible to allocate a lot of quite often significant in the history of the development of the ordinary shoes momentov.

But you indifferent and will not leave the history of design, respectively, of such shoes. Masters of antiquity often surpassed themselves in some works, when it detects such finds, they are surprised by the simplicity of the structure and beauty, one after the other, depending on the era.

After all, those findings were the beginning of our sovremennoy shoes, a variety of which can confound choose not   so easy, in fact simply need to pay attention to the often many different nuances to choose the right model, you will usually, but now it just will not know. You can also easily be noted that the first shoe master appeared in a limestoneom ancient Egypt and that at the same time the Greeks.

In the early history of the shoe was only 2 type of shoe-calceus and solea. Salceus - the so-called conventional shoes that completely cover the foot and secured at the top with ribbons, solea- shoes that covered only the foot and fastened with special straps. But depending on nand how many wealthy man shoes differed its luxury, expensive shoes decorated with precious stones. Also distinguished between the place of shoes that will go to the person, whether a temple or the Senate, the usual walk.

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