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What is eczema

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According to statistics, eczema has about 10 percent of the population. This disease affects people of any age, but often women from twenty to forty-five years.

translated from the Greek. “eczema” means “boiling” or “rash”. Is an inflammatory relapsing or acute (often – chronic) skin disease with non-communicable in nature. Typical manifestations of this disease is rash, and red spots on the skin, causing itching and burning.

Eczema has a huge number of forms depending on the localization, species of causative agent, age of the sick person.


the Appearance of eczema is facilitated by such factors as:

  • the tendency to various allergic reactions;
  • immunosuppression;
  • the effects of stress and as a result, various disorders of the nervous system;    
  • violations of the endocrine system - a problem with the adrenal, pituitary, and gonads;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - duodenal ulcer and stomach, enteritis, gastritis, colitis, dysbacteriosis, diseases of the pancreas and liver;
  • the existence of different foci of chronic infections - frequent ear infections, tonsillitis, untreated caries, pyelonephritis.

in addition, the disease can also be caused by such external factors: the mechanical effect (friction), temperature (e.g., hypothermia), food, different chemical. substances (including cosmetics).

eczema can be inherited: therefore, if 1-in from parents is sick with this disease, the risk that their child will be sick on eczema is 25 percent, and in that case, if you are sick and father and mother, then the probability to get sick is already 50 percent.


Varieties of eczema:

  • True (idiopathic);
  • Microbial;
  • Children
  • Seborrheic;
  • Atopic;
  • Relationsa (masalawala, Horny).


So, this requires a comprehensive approach that includes lifestyle changes and correction of nutrition. Sick better not to wear woolen and synthetic clothes to avoid friction.

Also, in the case of extensive skin lesions, temporarily will not be able to take a traditional shower and a bath.

Small follicles are necessary to lubricate 1–2 % alcohol or aqueous solutions of aniline dyes or liquid Castellani.

weeping In the acute stage of this disease lotions that relieve inflammation and itching, and sometimes even external antibacterial drugs.

In chronic eczema is better to use absorbable, healing and emollient ointments of zinc, tar, Ichthyol, and corticosteroid hormones.

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