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Placental injection with drugs "Malson" and "Laennec"

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Bad ecology, constant stress and crazy pace of life require all people attention to their appearance and health. But in General, it is very difficult to find medicines that can really help in a number of diseases and also for strengthening the immune system. According to who, around 15 percent of all medicinal products even when adequate (ideal) diagnosis applied to the human body damage: they remove unwanted symptoms, but also often cause silent damage other organs. Today, to restore youth to their own person can be as radically (through plastic surgery), and with the help of various cosmetics. For example, the PRP from placental Japanese drugs “Malson” or “Laennec” (for more details see website ) allows you to start the process of Samoobrona and use the reserves of their organism. Without injury, pain and surgery — after the 1st procedure, you will be able to reset from 10 to 15 years!

“Malson” and “Laennec”: what is it?

Japanese injectables “Malson” and “Laennec” is purified in a special way high quality hydrolysate of human placenta, which is taken only when successful birth of a child after the birth of a healthy baby and full term pregnancy. Also, the placental extract is directed in special conditions (in an autoclave), in order to destroy it is still unknown to science today, bacteria and viruses. Drugs “Malson” and “Laennec” is hypoallergenic, and injections are almost painless and well tolerated.



  • recurrent herpes;
  • atopiceski dermatitis (severe and moderate current, including the complicated);
  • liver disease;
  • fatigue;
  • environmental, alcohol and drug intoxication;
  • immunosuppression;
  • insomnia,
  • the total voltage, and sexual dysfunction;
  • the decrease in the protective forces of the body;
  • infringement of functions of pelvic organs;
  • stress;
  • blurred vision, brain circulation, memory and hearing.


  • immunity enhancement;
  • withdrawal insomnia, stress and overall tension;
  • strengthening the protective forces of the body;
  • regeneration of liver cells;
  • ensuring uniform circulation of the blood;
  • improving internal. bodies;
  • the revitalization of all systems and organs in General;
  • elimination of sexual dysfunction, the activation of functions of pelvic organs;
  • the improvement in hearing, vision, cerebral circulation, memory;
  • a powerful lifting effect.

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