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Treatment in Israel: the main advantages

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Israel has an innovative development in treating a wide range of diseases, for example:

  • neurodegenerative (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's);
  • cardiovascular (angioplasty, CABG, arrhythmia, transplant, valve, etc.);
  • pediatric (prenatal correction of congenital defects of the heart valves);
  • reproductive (IVF) and many others.

But perhaps the most people from around the world travel to the "promised land" for the treatment of various cancers. In Israel, very active in their use of different biological and immunological methods to combat this insidious disease, including: stem cell transplantation, administration of vaccines, which were created based on tumor tissues, or transfusion of the donor's own immune activated cells, as well as many others.

That provides patients from all over the world all "in the 1st bottle”, namely:

  1. the fast and accurate examination that is based on the newest scientific achievements in medicine;
  2. comfortable stay of patient in a medical institution;
  3. clinic equipped with advanced medical equipment;
  4. the high professionalism of doctors;
  5. large selection of surgical and conservative methods of treatment, which allows doctors to choose for each patient the optimal treatment program;
  6. successful treatment of most complex diseases;
  7. individual approach to all patients (taking into account its anatomical and physiological characteristics, age, and related diseases);
  8. if you need comprehensive assistance in the organization of leisure, welfare, treatment, etc.;
  9. if you need assistance to relatives of the patient, which accompany it;
  10. effective rehabilitation;
  11. affordable cost of medical services and the lack of pre-payment for their provision.

another important factor that attracts Russian-speaking people in Israel is the lack of visa and language problems (in all the country's hospitals multilingual personnel, including doctors), and the optimal ratio between the quality of treatment and its cost.


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