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Inhaler with a cold

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Inhalation - method of introduction into the patient of drugs through inhalation of gaseous substances (mostly steam).

Inhalation is of two types:

  • natural (not that other, as a simple breathing air at sea resorts in the forest);
  • artificial (apply special atomizing device - an inhaler).

Most often, the use inhalationforms a provision for local effects on the respiratory tract (bronchitis, rhinitis, asthma, etc.). Administration of drugs, thus reducing the time of suction. As no nasal drops or sprays, helps remove mucus and sputum. This is one of the alternative, effective and, at the same time, the available treatments for the problem. Lemedicament, in this case acts directly on the region of the nasal mucosa, thereby increasing its efficiency. If you take advantage of all the recommendations in a timely and inhalation use wisely, it will save

you of the "necessity" to stuff themselves or their loved ones, and an arsenal of tabletspowdery means generating, besides, serious side effects.

For inhalation needs an inhaler (nebulizer), which allows a balanced distribute medication in the inhaled air. The choice here is great - from the cheapest steam inhaler until inhaler type Maholda, it all dependsie the willingness and resources.

Inhalation should be carried out not earlier than 1-1.5 hours after a meal. Take the process of the mind and the result will not take long.

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