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The role of smartphone in our git - "+" TA" -"

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Ask the questions I sprobuje honestly sobi vidpovisti on Demba: “Skilki hour VI you can you without their smartphone, day, week misyats ABO?” Zadumaites, Yak life Bula b without Demba? At whether yakomu vipadku vascular we're not uable life without tsofirst gadget. Ale zaraz navti, I ti, hto do in it without such zasobu contact'yazku, Yak phone. By the way, procitati about those Yak vibrate smartphone can be on sit And now let's walimah sobi those Yakima b Bula our life without CIR gadgetv.

Zadajte ti chasi, if z'yavylysya perch phone, that we have sprimary, as WASME miracle world, then disappeared led the combination to stazionari telefonu. People z'yavylasya mozliwosci spilkuvannya skrtl, wherein not tilki Yak zasobom rozmow, ale otpravki fortunately, I have wiggled SMS.

Let's wastika the chronology of the development of the Progres. Further on rinku sale telefonw z are all more doskonale aparati I s hour znajomemu mi vzhe z such models Yak smartphone. Same Tsey moment mi duzhe steel zaleznie from smartfona, that pochinayut, Timati all more hour in our git. After z peavoy smartfona we have z awlasa mozliwosci in whether yaky time stesnyat wihd in Internet in Socal merezhi, whether it is “Class”, “Facebook", elektronno why, Zdislav zvonki iz zastosuvannya deokule I bagato hoho. Our life napomnila such fantasticnim mozliwosciami about that mi could not navti mrathi sche be called a few more years.

Prote ) , today tak who have no smartphone. Wherein the stench clcom maslev I zadovoljen help our defenders to gitam. Sanitise sobi honestly, in fact scho VI Saleen from bagatoh speeches about that as newt I thought. Zhadeita tak, momenti, if it seems to you, what your phone wbru, and those pochuttya panky, if VI can't sniti svy mobile - your heart has kalatala in the Breasts.


Scho borne by buyer life without a smartphone?

  1. Z be pochuttya devel znanost, after at a time in order to dwellers, pogovorite s Kim nebudu, to dosit click dotTV to the smartphone, zavdyaki this mi steel blizkimi one to one. Without a smartphone, our zhittya Bulo b napolnena great Tamotsu;
  2. did Not used the GPS pid's hand. If padamati, foldable sadati one hour, if mi in latest times cristobalite cards. Now our putuntica ,  GPS, vstanovleni in smartfon, zavdyaki yomu mi proste I likely Orto on msceast. Especially if mi podorazhalo ABO nahodimsa to travel without navgator hi khudi;
  3. Organsaving day , Zhyttia bude skladisce. Zavdyaki smartphones, the mi can zaplanowane Tu Chi Hu the Pody, and ustanoviti nagajuban not zabudem about Demba;
  4. Mi not mozemo Buti always in curs ostanni Novin. Now no neophot pregledati shukati much TV set or a newspaper, schob know ostan news, dosite christinia smartphone;
  5. Mi not mozemo are Robit fotosnimki always a sudi. As dovodilos brother s cameras themselves, and didst Yogo always W him not Bulo features, that memory atna photos Bulo less.

Let's podyvimos on the situation Qiu z nsogo side, I think, that without it CIR gadgetv naidutsa I pros. After Mobutu Dumka, scho zhittya without a smartphone the camp spacism, and people z to be mozliwosci more mrkovi , Primate that rsena.


Perevahy life without a smartphone:

  1. Powinni vidpochinok. Without smartfona you z be mozliwosci nasladitsa TOVARISTVO your family bliskich . " , in a quiet cozy obstanov not vdaas on towns podrasnica. You damn mana pereglyadu of your gadget, you will forget about the NAV aslib pillows;
  2. Z be accne spilkuvannya. Podius navkolo yourself popolarit for people. Navti terebovychi in compan, people do not vipuskaut smartphone s owner, postijno something to nom sukuti;
  3. you will not NAV asuvatele help our defenders colinm, by writing m;
  4. VI will pocnete vzaimozachet s people. People z be neophane sprchovaci I sustrai s people, not just listomatic s them;
  5. Yak TSE is not marvelous, but VI will znaydete more Vlingo hour for yourself;
  6. VI will visiprise, that scho will not salesoffice from smartphone to PSNA;
  7. bagatoh z be the chance to sniti your other half, then bod? less welds, Neporozhny I rozlouceni through whether that notification, that often prizvodit to narozena;
  8. Z to be more hours in Serenoa, TSE 1-2 years, that vitrahaus home on spilkuvannya s phone.


Certainly smartphone - TSE korisni invention, ale Yogo Varto proper use, and TSE mean - parno and, of course, neuprugoe. So VIN bude tilki nezamenimy pomonia, naksha VI parecen on zaleznosci od Demba, and prote, ludske spilkuvannya yde on the other plan.

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