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Ultrasonic washing machine

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The absolute majority of us with the phrase "washingmachine "is quite" standard "structure of the aircraft. Many manufacturers are developing an even greater variety of models with different levels of the electronic component, the amount of built-in wash programs, layout loading chamber, the drive level of energy efficiency. Yet, with all the variety, they all have a common principlework that does not depend fundamentally on the model. All these machines require loading washing in the compartment provided for this purpose, a certain amount of detergent (powder, bleach, softener, etc.), after which the laundry is subjected to mechanical agitation and friction. Without the use of chemical erasing means entering into aontact with contaminants, standard washing machine turns into a rinse. Using an amount of chemical additives adversely affects both the quality of washing, and the state of the working parts of the machine and that is sad, on human health. This is the main drawback of the standard scheme. An alternative method of removing contaminationtion, is the method of multifrequency ultrasonic washing. The basis of all available on the market, the ultrasonic vibrations lie in the result that contamination particles are removed not only from the surface but also from the inner balloon fabric. Ultrasonic washing is carried out without agitation tissue mechanical friction that significantly withdrawnthe service life of things.

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