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Treatment of caries

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Caries, statistically, is one of the most common diseases of the teeth, as in adults, and, in recent years BPemya in children. Caries is a complex mechanism and causes of process. At its core, caries - a focal tissue destruction of tooth enamel, starting as a result of the harmful effects of various factors. The disease develops by stages, in several stages, and is characterized by different symptoms depending on the duration and the harmful effects ofstart time (or lack thereof):
- initial stage, characterized by the development of the hearth, which develops due process violations of the mineral composition of enamel;
- active phase, characterized by the formation, due to the progression of destructive processes, a clear focus - defective cavity or holes;
- complications, youRank progressive destruction of enamel and podemalnyh tissues and ending the destruction of the pulp and periodontal lesion of the nerve endings. In the absence of a proper and timely treatment is applied, caries may eventually lead to the edentulous (tooth loss). Treatment depends on the stage of decay of the disease and is as followsm:
- at an early stage, when shown only spot demineralization, possible option is the use of remineralization;
- at the active stage, tooth decay is treated by replacing the destroyed section of the enamel. For this, the removal is conducted first infected tissues (enamel, pulp), nerve (pulpitis by deep), and then - nlombirovanie root canals and remote area.

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