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Organic cosmetics

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In spite of the scientific and technical superiority over nature, recently observedgiven a strong tendency to switch to natural raw materials. In particular this applies to products that have a direct impact on the human body - food, cosmetics. The latter is especially important because in the manufacture of cosmetics standard used a lot of chemical compounds that have a very clear and disreceiving antiretroviral body. At a time when all declared commitment to a healthy lifestyle, which includes food, and care for the skin, and external environment, it is logical to use and the development of cosmetics based on natural ingredients. As is well known, widely used tools for rejuvenation and correction contained in itscomponent or part of it artificial chemical nature or bacteriological substances (such as, botulinum toxin). Yes, they have a rapid and tangible effect, but also need to be applied repeatedly for some time. Another important factor is fairly high percentage of the risk of complications and side effectss from the use of the same Botox. There is another "nail" so to speak, not in favor of traditional types of cosmetic products: their frequent use, particularly complex, in as much as part of a series (lines), leading to the development of habituation body (just as with any drug). This, in turn, causesThat in five years or ten such prevention we can get absolutely the opposite effect: the body before it is saturated by foreign micronutrients that simply refuses to take them on, and this leads to disruption of metabolic processes and accelerated aging of the organism. Natural Organic Cosmetics operates through herbal extracts. By the way, you can buy online: As part of organic cosmetics are virtually no different stabilizers, preservatives, parabens and other synthetics. It has anti-allergic properties, perfectly regenerates the skin, improves its tone and rejuvenate. The most well-known brands in organic cosmeticsare:

- Dr.Hauschka - used various water herbal tinctures;
- Weleda - one of the oldest and most reputable brands;
- Madara - an extract of the Baltic plant ;
- Argital - face creams on the basis of the Sicilian green sea clay.

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