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The benefits of baby massage

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Children's bodies, though more is a miniature replica of azroslogo nevertheless has its own distinctive features. First of all, it is an exceptional tenderness, hrupkot and insecurity in the face of external factors. Since the birth of an intensive development process of a man who dies posteenno years to 20 ... 22. But it was the first year of baby's life plays a crucialth role in it, without exaggeration, the future fate. After all, the resource that is put into the body to the baby years old, sets the right tone and direction of all organs and systems. Any modern parent knows that the vast majority of children are born with the so-called muscle tone. That's why the kid can not at first self parkingtionary hold back, head, sitting, walking, etc. Of course, any average child these skills develop gradually, starting somewhere in the six months to a year. But it may take longer, in addition to the risk of not quite correct development of body systems (special attention should be paid to the musculoskeletal annArat). Help the child to quickly eliminate the tone, set the correct direction of development and faster development of the previously mentioned skills to properly form the skeleton and muscles, can only. In addition, scientifically proven fact is astounding effectiveness of massage in the control and prevention of diseases such as torticollis, flat (although,for an infant is quite natural circumstance), clubfoot, muscle tone, intestinal syndrome Kollek. Generally, if a little one year old child is healthy, and its development goes as planned, obscheukreplyuschy massage and exercises you can do every day at home, but when there are prerequisites to the above issues, for sureneed the help of a qualified masseur children.

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