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How to improve the potency of men

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According to statistics, the question of how to increase the potency,relevant to every third man. This indicates that over 30% of men occasionally suffer from problems with potency. In severe cases it is advisable to consult a specialist and perform a comprehensive examination of the body. If potency problems have arisen recently, you should pay attention to the nome risk factors that play a significant role in reducing potency. Thus, the cause of this unpleasant situation in a man's life can be the use of alcohol, smoking, the effects of stress. These risk factors necessarily need to be addressed.

  In addition to the general rules, there are also specific recommendations designed to solve the problem of how to increase the potency of men. For example, the following method is known for the restoration of male power: brew bay leaves and pour the infusion into the bath, then add back decoction of chamomile. Immersed in a aromabath be about half an hour before sleep.

  Everyone knows the phrase: « We are what we eat & raquo ;. man, modifying the diet? The diet of men must necessarily be present on proteins rich foods (meat, fish, eggs). There are not scientifically proven, but it is widely popular among the people recipes. For example, to enhance male power recommend eating scrambled eggs with onions and more exotic – dish of sheep testicles. In addition, the potency problems can be caused by a decrease in overall health, the presence of a disease. Therefore, men who suffer from reduced potency should be concerned about strengthening the body as a whole.

  With the growing popularity of vegetarianism in the world get upso another question: how to increase the potency of men who do not eat meat? The first alternative – fish. It is believed that a particularly good in this respect, boiled mackerel. Also have the ability to increase the potency of seafood dishes. There sauce recipe from oysters and mussels, a positive effect on erection. To make it, following thet fry the onion, add a few drops of lemon juice, celery, parsley and tomatoes. After all this boil, pour the sauce baked oysters or mussels. By the way, tomatoes also are renowned for their ability to increase the potency.

  men who have problems with potency also recommendregularly eat seeds and nuts all, because they are a source of vitamin E necessary to maintain male power. You can, for example, mix equal portions of walnuts with honey. Thus, you will have a delicious dessert and folk medicine at the same time. Eat this mixture should be for a month, and 2 teaspoonsand half an hour after the meal. Very useful and pine nuts. Rub their nucleoli and add the water. Drink half a cup prepared drink a day, and feel the full force of plant products.

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