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The methods of teeth whitening

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> In modern conditions the snow-white, smooth and full "Hollywood" smile plays as important a role as the fashionable clothes.It's kind of a trend, an essential attribute of modernity generated by the world of high fashion. This is largely subjective and discriminatory way to evaluate a person, but nevertheless, it works pretty often and it affects not only the usefulness of the image, but also the personal status and success in society. Unfortunately, the lifestyle and nutritionWho leads humanity today, only promotes deterioration and loss of natural teeth whiteness. You can restore it with the help of whitening procedures, as usual toothpaste unable to remedy the situation, even if it improves the situation with a hint of teeth. Carry out this procedure can be one of the following ways:

  • Professional whitening in a clinical setting. The most optimal and safe way, because it allows to control the whole process in its entirety at each stage. By the way, in Russia professionally
    you will make in the lounge-studio "InSmile ® Dental Lounge "
  • Mechanical whitening. Is a procedure for mechanical cleaning of plaque and tartar in a dental clinic;
  • whitening at home. Occurs by means of customized aligners in the clinic, which is applied to the gel;
  • Gel whitening. This so-called Colgate method in which the gel is applied directly to the teeth with a brush;
  • Traditional methods of whitening. Throughout its history, mankind has invented and tested a lot of practical methods of bleaching, the most famous and effective of the kotoboth being treatments using lemon peel, hydrogen peroxide, activated carbon, soda, green tea.
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