Application of dietary supplement firms GLYUKOSIL LIFE ART in patients with diabetes mellitus.

DG Kuklin, TN Trubitsin, Nodal Hospital Art. Tomsk-2
I Purpose and objectives of the study:
1) The purpose of the study - assessment of the effectiveness of biologically active additives (BAA ART LIFE ) GLYUKOSIL as a means of normalizing blood glucose levels.
2) Objectives of research - to study the effect BAA ART LIFE GLYUKOSIL on the function of the pancreas, blood glucose level and the overall resistance of the organism. 
II Materials and Methods: To study were taken ten patients aged 45 to 64 years, of which seven men and three women. Of this group, two people were diagnosed with Impaired glucose tolerance (IGT or prediabetes). Fasting blood sugar levels in these patients was to study 5,5-6,3 mg / dL. Treatment involves diet therapy only (table number 9). Seven people were diagnosed with type II diabetes, moderate under subcompensation and decompensation. Fasting blood sugar levels in these patients was to study 10,4-15,6 mg / dL. The level of sugar in the urine ranged from 0.5 to 4%. Patients taking glucose-lowering drugs maninil-5 at a dose of 2 to 4 tablets a day and diabeton (2 tablets per day) in combination with Siofor-500 (2 tablets per day). One patient was diagnosed with type II diabetes, insulin, moderate, stage subcompensation. The level of fasting blood sugar before the study was 12.6 mg / dL, urine sugar - 1,5%. The patient was on insulin therapy at a dose of 54 units per day.
III Results: Women's Food GLYUKOSIL taken 2-4 tablets 1-3 times a day. Course admission ranged from I to 1.5 months. As a result, studies have not observed any side effects of the drug (including allergic reactions). After a month's course of treatment with almost all patients reported improvement in overall health. In 8 patients disappeared typical diabetic complaints (dry mouth, thirst to 2-3 liters per day, polyuria). In two patients who had the highest fasting glucose levels (15.6 and 12.6 mg / dL), diabetic complaints have decreased, dry mouth and thirst have been erratic.
Blood glucose levels in all patients decreased. Patients diagnosed with IGT, it amounted to 4,5-5,5 mg / dL. In patients with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, II type, "he ranged from 5.3 to 12.5 mg / dL. In patients with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type II insulin dependent "sugar level fell slightly, to 11.3 mg / dL.
The level of sugar in the urine returned to normal in all patients.
Conclusions: Biologically active food supplements company ARTLIFE GLYUKOSIL can recommend the following cases:
1. Patients with a diagnosis of "Impaired glucose tolerance (prediabetes), in combination with diet.
2. As an aid in the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus type I and II of varying severity.
3. To prevent complications in diabetes mellitus (especially in patients with low disease duration).