Biologically active additive IVLAKSIN acute bronchopulmonary and respiratory diseases.

EV Plekhanov, EDO, Tomsk
Drug group anti-inflammatory drugs currently has several thousand products for outdoor and indoor use. After analyzing their mechanisms of action, specialists ART LIFE created an effective anti-inflammatory and restorative IVLAKSIN tool that can be used both independently and in combination with other anti-inflammatory drugs and immunocorrective for any pathological conditions. IVLAKSIN as a versatile anti-inflammatory agent used in the following pathological conditions:
- Colds and infectious diseases of the bronchopulmonary system;
- Inflammatory bowel disease;
- Disease of the liver and biliary tract;
- Urinary system diseases;
- Pathology of bones and joints.
The purpose and objectives of the study
Objective: To estimate the efficiency effects of biologically active food additives (BAA) IVLAKSIN in patients with inflammatory diseases of upper respiratory tract.
Clinical evaluation of dietary supplements IVLAKSIN carried on the following indicators: assessment of skin color, the functional state of the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, weight, laboratory data: total blood count, general urinalysis, biochemical blood analysis.
Materials and methods
In total, the dynamics were examined 10 people aged 23 to 50 years with acute respiratory disease - 4 cases of pneumonia - 3 cases of chronic tonsillitis - 2 cases of influenza - 3 cases. Associated pathology: asthenic syndrome - 2 cases, asthmatic bronchitis, 2 cases. The control group consisted of 10 men with a similar pathology.
Results of the study
The analysis showed that in 10 observations of negative reactions to taking dietary supplements were found.
In patients with acute respiratory infections and flu for 1-2 days reduces swelling of nasal mucosa without local treatment, quickly passed the swelling of the mucous throat, congestion, quickly recovered his voice, by the end of the second day of runny nose disappeared. Intoxication symptoms disappeared in patients with influenza and acute respiratory disease to late first - early second day. The results of blood tests returned to normal quickly.
In patients with pneumonia was a combined treatment. Decreased temperatures during the first and second days. Intoxication symptoms disappeared by the end of 2-3 days. Cough disappeared by 4-5 days. Phlegm off easily, odorless and tasteless. ESR returned to normal significantly faster: for 8-10 day. Leukocytosis -, respectively, to 6.7 day. In two cases of patients suffering from bronchitis at the age of 8 and 37 years, noted the absence of the usual acute respiratory exacerbation in asthmatic bronchitis.
Changes in the overall analysis of urine were noted. Biochemical blood tests showed: total protein content was normal, except for two cases with a slight decrease, which recovered by the end of treatment. Sugar content, AST, ALT, bilirubin levels were within normal limits. Values for total blood count: white blood cells up to 10 * 109 / L - 6 people, more than 10 * 109 / L - 4 persons, ESR greater than 15 mm / h - 6 people, more than 30 mm / hour - 2 people. Side effects were noted.
Organoleptic properties of the drug were assessed as satisfactory. Taste and smell pleasant. Unpleasant, undesired taste were noted.
Patients of the control group catarrhal phenomena, the symptoms of intoxication, laboratory values returned to normal later.
During the application of BAA ART LIFE IVLAKSIN noted its good tolerability. Side effects were observed.
This drug should be recommended as a restorative, preventive and supportive treatment for the following conditions: an epidemic of influenza, acute respiratory infections, pneumonia, sinusitis, rhinitis, asthmatic bronchitis.