BS Oxen, AV Zuev, SSMU, Tomsk
Biologically active food additive (BAA) Cat's Claw company Artlife , manufactured from the bark of vines grown in Peru, known as antibacterial, antiviral and immunostimulatory agent. Based on these properties, we administered it in some dermatoses.
Planus - a disease presumably viral nature, manifested by multiple small itchy papules, located both on the skin and mucous membranes. Depending on the clinical forms and individual characteristics, its duration varies within very wide limits - from several months to years. Traditional treatments planus is not always effective.
Outpatient we administered Cat's Claw 15 patients with lichen planus, 2-3 capsules per day total of 60 caps for the course. 20-25 days after the start of all patients, improvement was seen, with 80% - significant. Decreased or disappeared itching, rash became more flat and pale. Upon further observation occurred, usually a full recovery. It should be noted, that used as monotherapy, and only in rare cases, patients with persistent course of the process took hyposensitizing funds.
He was appointed as cat's claw in patients with indolent or recurrent infectious processes, such as abrasions, mnogomorfnaya exudative erythema, simple and herpes zoster. Judging by the fact that patients no longer treated, it can be assumed that the effect was achieved.
During the month there came a complete cure common warts in a patient who received in addition to the above doses of cat's claw lubrication 15% solution of silver nitrate. Equally successful was treated Supplements Cat's Claw in the same doses of multiple lymphocyte girl previously been treated unsuccessfully for six months by other means. Very significant effect was achieved in the treatment of multiple fibromas on the ears of men, who had previously steadfastly persisted for about a year: 20 days of CAT CLAWS, in the above doses were sufficient for their complete resorption. Some patients treated in different ways over the cat's claw, observed as a concomitant effect of a burst of energy and less fatigue.
Recent years are characterized by the increasing number of patients with chlamydia. One of the most frequent complications of the latter is uretroprostatit. Treatment of patients suffering from chronic chlamydial uretroprostatitis, is a complex task. Difficulties in the treatment due to inability to create the desired concentration of antibacterial drugs in the affected organ with parenteral administration, poor tolerability of drugs when taken orally, persistent disease course with frequent relapses and resistance to the causative agent of the inflammatory process commonly used drugs. It is known that the prostate gland - the body tissues protected from development of biological barriers, and oral and parenteral administration of drugs in it penetrates no more than 10-15% of their concentration in the blood.
COMPLEX ENZYME PLUS provides high-level natural body enzymes that enhance the penetration of antibiotics into target cells, and also has anti-inflammatory and protivootechngm action. The complex contains over 20 active ingredients that contribute to overcome the biological barriers of the prostate. FORMULA FOR MEN - a complex that promotes the maintenance of normal hormonal balance, good potency, prevents the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia, improves trophic.
The observation of 45 patients with chronic chlamydial uretroprostatitis. Of these, 8 people (17,7%) suffered from the disease within 6 months, 13 people (28,9%) - from 6 months to 1 year and 24 people (53,4%) - more than 1 year. Patients complained of urethral discharge, pain in the scrotum, perineum, lower abdomen, in the anus, discomfort in the urethra, cramps during urination, pain during ejaculation, decreased potency. From the first day of therapy the patients received once-daily massage of the prostate gland rectally; used magnetophoresis with prostatilenom; warming the urethra, up to 41-45 degrees; electrophoresis of 20% solution of ofloxacin in the pubic area, tarivid inside of 200 mg per day - 10 days. As a dietary supplement administered to all patients; COMPLEX ENZYME PLUS - 1 tablet 3 times a day, the course of 10 days; FORMULA FOR MEN - 1 tablet 2 times a day in the morning, the course of 15 days.
After 2-3 days of treatment 30% of patients noted the disappearance of pain in the scrotum, perineum. After the treatment discomfort in the urethra was 15% of patients. Pain during ejaculation disappeared in 10% of patients. A month after the end of the treatment potency observed 15% of patients. The first control studies were conducted one month after treatment. When analyzing the scraping of the urethra by RIF chlamydia were found in only 1 person (5%). Ultrasound prostate echostructure came back to normal in 45% of patients.