The use of dietary supplements ART LIFE in the treatment of skin diseases.

VS NIKITINA, dermatologist highest category, Moscow
Application of biologically active food additives (BAA) in dermatological practice offers great opportunities and prospects in the prevention of skin diseases and achieving persistent clinical remission common chronic dermatosis. Greatest practical interest in clinical observations and results of the BAA at allergodermatosis as the most common skin diseases.
Allergic dermatitis is a superficial inflammation of the epidermis and dermis, caused by different agents, most chemicals and microbes. Immunological studies proved that the skin is not only a target of destruction, but an active participant in the development of many types of immune and inflammatory diseases. Epidermis - the body immunity, and the dermis - the source of cellular components, which can play an active role in all types of allergic reactions. By allergodermatosis include dermatitis, urticaria, eczema, atopic dermatitis, exudative diathesis, toxicoderma. Clinical manifestations of their diverse. Along with the rash on the skin and mucous membranes, patients allergic diseases observed a variety of internal organ involvement, vascular and nervous systems. The observation of 26 patients with various allergic dermatoses in age from 3 to 80 years. They have made the necessary laboratory tests: complete blood and urine tests, blood biochemistry, analysis of fecal bacteria overgrowth, blood sugar, the study of immunoglobulins.
Analysis of clinical and laboratory research suggests the following conclusions:
- The best sorbent during the exacerbation of the skin process is a dietary supplement company FITOSORBOVIT Artlife as a drug that reduces the toxic and allergic manifestations of the disease and normalization of intestinal flora. It is advisable to mix with Kaltsimaks which reinforces hyposensitizing effect, reduces the inflammatory reaction in the skin.
- In the stage of exacerbation subsides and mezhretsidivny period in chronic dermatoses justify TOKSFAYTER in conjunction with HEPAR formula that blocks the production of immunoglobulin E, inhibits the accumulation of histamine and serotonin in tissues.
- To prevent a recurrence or chronicity of the skin process shown treatment intestinal dysbiosis, which is observed in 70% of patients. It is advisable to use the alternate long and ATSIDOBAK BIFIDOBAK for 1,5-2 months, in combination with vitamin complexes and, where appropriate, with immune therapy.
The final step in the correction of the complex mechanisms of allergic disease is maintenance therapy drugs designed for daily use. The best combination is the use of dietary supplements Discovery CHARM, or dietary supplements DISCOVERY POWER or BAA Discovery Excellent, Kaltsimaks appointed in small doses of 1-2 capsules (1-2 tablets) in the first half of the day. This complex provides a gentle cleansing, anti-immunocorrective and restorative action, restores the body's need for vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, supports the normal composition of intestinal flora. Selection and combination of dietary supplements conducted individually, taking into account comorbidities and characteristics of clinical course allergodermatosis. 
Complex treatment of psoriasis
Psoriasis - one of the most common chronic skin diseases. This multifactorial dermatosis, which play an important role of genetic, hereditary defects that occur under adverse environmental impact. This is a common disease of the body, which at the chromosomal level changes occur HLA antigen responsible for the microcirculation, functional state of membrane systems, liver dysfunction of the hypothalamic-adrenal axis, hormonal regulation of calcium metabolism and, finally, dystrophic, sclerotic changes in the organs of the immune system. It is an autoimmune disease with primary involvement in the process of T-lymphocytes and the secondary activation and proliferation of keratinocytes.
Given the complexity of pathogenesis, poly etiology of the disease, lack of effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs used in treatment is very promising is the use of dietary supplements in the treatment and prevention of relapse of psoriasis. The use of dietary supplements is shown in all forms and stages of psoriasis. However, the treatment of acute and complicated forms should be addressed in conjunction with a physician who owns the information about dietary supplements. The use of dietary supplements for psoriasis should be directed to the normalization of immunological changes, correction of immune deficiency, restoration of normal keratinization and metabolic disorders.
The proposed scheme of treatment is most effective in patients with psoriasis vulgaris, the disease duration less than 5 years of therapy which were not used hormones, cytostatics, PUVA-therapy and other sophisticated techniques (hemosorbtion, plasmapheresis).
- Hepatoprotectors - lecithin, HEPAR FORMULA, ESSENTSIAL OIL alternated monthly rates.
- Antioxidants - Beta-carotene, vitamin E, COMPLEX WITH VITAMIN C, Green Star, Discovery CHARM-round.
- Vascular Tools - NEYROSTRONG Memorie Rice, BP FORMULA, NEYROSTABIL month courses in the sequence, taking into account comorbidities and foci.
- Calcium - Kaltsimaks, especially in the transitional time of year, month courses may receive a month, month - a break.
- Chelators - FITOSORBOVIT, TOKSFAYTER 1 time in three months of planning and starting an aggravation.
Immune drugs - Cat's Claw, from 2-6 months with changed parameters of immunological status.
Application of this scheme can improve the clinical effectiveness of psoriasis treatment, to achieve the normalization of Pathogenic significance of immunological parameters and to extend the terms of remission of persistent chronic dermatosis.