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Chronic pyelonephritis and chronic renal failure.

NP Dyakonov, polyclinic є 4, Novosibirsk, Kidney and urinary tract infections (IMP), ranked second in frequency of disease after infection of respiratory system. Statistics indicate that in recent years there has been a tendency to increase the incidence of infections IMP.
Among the causes that lead to disease can be called hypovitaminosis, immunodeficiency, various infectious diseases, metabolic diseases (diabetes mellitus), presence of chronic inflammatory lesions (chronic tonsillitis), urolithiasis (IBC).
It is now known that the largest share among kidney disease is a chronic pyelonephritis. Everyone knows the old truth that disease prevention is better than cure.
And if the drugs we use when we have been developing the disease, and do not use them for the prevention of diseases, the biologically active food additives (BAA) - is not only a means of prevention, but also an effective medication for the treatment of systemic and chronic diseases .
In order to prevent relapse of pyelonephritis we used a highly antiseptic RENSEPT plant, which has diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial actions. Quarterly Supplements RENSEPT reception at a dose of 2 tablets per day for 1 month followed by a break in 2 months can be chronic pyelonephritis in the inactive phase, ie in a state of stable remission. Very good results were obtained from the combined use of RENSEPT and Super Shield at the stage of decaying exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis (after antibiotic treatment).
In traditional medicine, doctors generally use the scheme Tikstinskogo: 10 days of antibiotic therapy, followed by 20 days - grass. Within eighteen months we have carried out surveillance, after which it can be concluded that the alternation Supplements SUPERSHILD 1 capsule 2 times a day for 10 days on I RENSEPT tablet 1-2 times a day for 20 days for 3 months can be fully replace Tikstinskogo scheme, which is confirmed by clinical and laboratory parameters. During the period of exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis RENSEPT well with necessary medication and may be included in treatment along with antibiotics. Consequently, the BAS REPSEPT can be used at all stages of the flow of pyelonephritis.
It is known that the outcome of most renal diseases is chronic renal failure (CRF). The kidneys have a large compensatory possibility of death even 50% of the total number of nephrons may not be accompanied by clinical manifestations. With a decrease in renal function developing a delay in the body of urea, creatinine, and other products of nitrogen metabolism and increase their level in serum.
Accumulate in the body, these substances produce such manifestations as fatigue, night stoped pain, temperature returned to normal, symptoms of intoxication had disappeared. Dysuric phenomenon, the positive symptom of a beating persisted until the fifth day, 90% of patients pastoznost persons disappeared by the 10 day of treatment, BP was normalized in all patients for 5-6 days without the use of antihypertensive drugs, pale skin preserved in all patients with hypochromic anemia until the end treatment. In general, there has been a rapid clinical improvement. All patients noted good tolerance RENSEPTA, side effects or allergic reactions were observed.
In the dynamics of all normalized indicators hemogram, except hemoglobin (mean hemoglobin was 112 g / l). In the analysis of urine disappeared leucocyturia, bacteriuria, proteinuria, were detected in 70% of salt in the sediment of uric and oxalic acids. Normalized number of leukocytes and erythrocytes in urine for Nechiporenko. Blood urea fell to 5.43 mmol / l, which is the norm. Creatinine, electrolytes in blood dynamics were within normal limits. A monitoring ultrasound after 20 days, 33% fewer patients with the presence of inclusions in ehopozitivnyh pyelocaliceal system. Of the 15 surveyed at 5 found no sand.
Patients without evidence of exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis, taking RENSEPT prophylactic, also noted the good tolerability of supplements. no side effects, allergic reactions. In the course of treatment of 40% reported subjectively moderate increase in urine output, disappearance of morning pastoznost century, periodically change the color of urine, improving overall health. Of these, 30% in the control ultrasound indicated the disappearance of sand. Laboratory data from these patients were no speakers.
Thus, our clinical study the effectiveness of dietary supplements ART LIFE RENSEPT in patients with kidney disease and urinary tract infections has shown its good tolerability, no side effects, rapid regression of clinical syndrome (pain, urinary, inflammation, intoxication).
Trial medication contributed to improve the efficiency of drug therapy, providing a soft diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, bactericidal effect. A set of biologically active substances contained in plant components of dietary supplements, potassium and vitamin C improved the regulation of water-salt balance, the excretory function of kidneys, have increased immunity, eliminate impurities, toxins, and possibly prevent urolithiasis, dissolution of stones.
Results of the study suggest the feasibility of introducing a dietary supplement company RENSEPT ART LIFE in the complex treatment of patients with chronic diseases of the urinary tract and bladder, chronic pyelonephritis, pielitah, cystitis, prostatitis, uric acid diathesis, urolithiasis, and to prevent recurrence and prevent the formation of stones.
Given the characteristics of the impact of plant components of the product to avoid irritation of renal parenchyma is not recommended to use this supplement with glomerulonephritis.

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