Combined use of supplements RENSEPT the treatment of conditions after the salt and renal colic.

Lapin, a physician of the highest category of Medical Sciences, Tver
The observation involved two groups of patients (age range 30-50 years) with urolithiasis and uric acid diathesis. On the background of renal colic and salt in the kidney appears gidrokalikoz, pyeloectasia, the inflammatory process.
The first group of patients consisted of 10 persons who received a biologically active food supplements RENSEPT (company ARTLIFE ) and laser therapy. The course of treatment was 15 days, including 10 sessions of laser therapy.
The second group had 15 participants, they received only laser therapy. The results were evaluated according to laboratory and ultrasound examinations.
Patients of the first group disappeared pyeloectasia, improved laboratory indices of urine in 90-100% of cases, patients of the second group improvement occurred in 50% of cases. Positive effect occurs quickly in the first group of patients, probably as a result of the normalization of metabolic processes, improve blood circulation in the urinary system, the potentiation of antibacterial and diuretic effects.
Thus, the combined use of treatment with biologically active additives to food companies ARTLIFE and laser therapy is more effective for this pathology.