Effect of dietary supplement PHYTOREN

LE Petrova, GV Jan, the regional TB hospital in Tomsk
The purpose and objectives of the study
1.1 Purpose. Evaluating the effectiveness of dietary supplements "PHYTOREN" 
1.2 Problem. Study the influence of dietary supplements PHYTOREN to increase diuresis, anti-inflammatory effect. Materials and methods 
2.1 bioadditive PHYTOREN was appointed to the food of ten patients: two patients with specific renal and bladder in six patients with a history - chronic pyelonephritis, two - in the acute stage, in two patients no changes in the kidney has not been found. Six patients had the following complaint: almost constant pain in the lumbar region, dysuric changes, the two swelling of the face and legs, raising the temperature to febrile digits in two patients. On examination: a general analysis of blood sedimentation rate accelerated from 25 to 53 mm / h, leukocytosis from 7.8 to 20% reduction in hemoglobin from 87 to 114; monocytosis to 9%. In general urine analysis: six patients had an increase in the proportion of up to 1021-1028, the presence of the protein to the 0,066-0,165%, elevated white blood cell count from 20 to more in sight, the red blood cells from single to 10 in the field of view, the presence of salts, bacteria . In the blood biochemical analysis: reduction of total protein to 57; creatine blood to 158; Urea - 6,7. On ultrasound in six patients were found changes in the form of diffuse changes of renal parenchyma; nefrontoz varying degrees, prostate adenoma in two patients 
PHYTOREN supplement was administered 1-2 tablets daily before meals (morning) for three weeks. 
As a result of observations noted: improving the general condition of all patients: decrease in temperature, a decrease of weakness, pain in the lumbar region. Only two patients noted a diuretic effect of the drug without increasing fluid intake (an increase of urine output in patients receiving up to 2-2,5 liters per day).
In control assays: a general review of blood: there was a normalization of the ESR in 4 patients, raising the hemoglobin up to 124-136; leukocyte reduction in 3 patients to 5,7-6,8; increase the number of lymphocytes to 21-27% in two patients. In general the analysis of urine: a decrease in the proportion of up to 1017-1012, in 4 Analysis of the protein was negative, white blood cell count came back to normal in three patients and significantly decreased in 4 patients, red blood cells were normalized to the unit in virtually all patients. In biochemical analysis: the observed decrease in creatinine and urea to normal.
BAA ART LIFE PHYTOREN be recommended as an anti-inflammatory (uroseptic) means the following pathological conditions: 
- Specific renal disease (tuberculous papillitis, cystitis).
- Chronic pyelonephritis in the acute stage.
- Toxic kidney damage.
- Chronic pulmonary heart under subcompensation.
- Hypertension Stage I.