The modern approach to solving problems of musculoskeletal system.

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The skeleton of an adult human consists of 260 bones, which are interconnected joints. Ever since man learned to stand on two feet, and from early childhood, he repeats the whole process of evolution - the crawls, walks, runs, his whole life he should follow the posture to avoid back pain.
In our civilized society, the majority of people lead sedentary lifestyles and eating are not alive, and processed food. Unfortunately, our way of life leads to problems. In the system, musculoskeletal system is manifested by pain, inflammation, and most importantly - a violation of the mobility of joints.
The most common disease of the spine is osteochondrosis, in connection of the bones (joints) - arthrosis, loss of bone calcium causes a disturbance of the structure of bone, which leads to increased fragility and fractures.
In order to bones and cartilage were healthy, you need every day to provide them with food that contains organic calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and zinc. Bone tissue contains 95% of the available calcium in the body. Fortress and flexibility musculoskeletal depend on the material from which it was created, but you can not forget about physical activity, which it is exposed over a lifetime. Exercise provide food bone and cartilage tissue by improving blood flow, accelerating metabolic processes. The most reliable source of good health is a natural food. How much worse food in the last 30 years, seen by our children, is part of a sad spectacle: the languid, round-shouldered, with a flabby fat. And the adults in desperate attempts to get a little energy, resorting to drugs. The human body - is self-healing and self-healing system, but he should receive the natural minerals from vegetable and animal sources. Only plants can absorb inorganic minerals and convert them into organic forms.
Primitive people and animals instinctively used a whole set of plants and herbs to maintain health and strength. Ancient medicine is widely used herbs in diseases of the spine and joints. Certain plants have the ability to normalize metabolic processes, and thereby provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Tomsk company ART LIFE can really help in the rehabilitation and offers organic foods, phytocomplex to address the existing and prevention have not encountered problems of the motor system.
To make up for calcium deficiency in the body must comply with important conditions for choosing calcium-containing drugs - calcium must be balanced by phosphorus and magnesium and biousvoyaemym.
Bioactive food additive (BAA) Kaltsimaks meets these requirements. 
Currently, several tactics have changed the treatment of patients with diseases of the spine and joints. Credible and effective to start treatment with chondroprotectors - products that provide nutrition, rehabilitation of cartilage, as well as the production of synovial fluid in joints.
Integrated tools for the joints with anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, analgesic action are biologically active food supplements Joint Flex and BURDOK C. Features of the above phytocomplex:
- Pelletized or Kapsulirovannaja shape, easy to use;
- Balanced composition;
- The whole organism and at all joints.
With prolonged use of drugs observed stabilization of the state and stable remission.
Musculoskeletal system of a person, like any system, requires careful and attentive attitude, and most reliable source of good health are natural food, and biologically active additives based on natural mineral substances of plant, animal and exercise.