The use of dietary supplements ART LIFE in obstetric practice.

NV Naumenko, women's consultation clinic number 11, Krasnoyarsk
We are prisoners of habits. We repeat the steady habits, almost without thinking, until they are putting into practice the tradition, preserved for a long time. Today's fad is tomorrow's tradition. I think it will still be some ten or fifteen years, and will not be dividing doctors in traditional and nontraditional. Personal experience of using dietary supplements (BAS) companies ARTLIFE persuasion.
Dramatically decreases the index of the nation's health is deteriorating environment, stress accompany us everywhere. As obstetrician-gynecologist who face daily due to the specifics of their work with women's issues, I can say this with full responsibility.
Treat women traditionally, the use of antibiotics, salicylates, known eubiotics etc. becomes problematic - an increasing number of concomitant diseases of other organs and systems, an allergic reaction to a drug adverse reactions. Therefore, the company's products ART LIFE for the treatment of gynecological diseases is the drug of choice in everyday practice. 
Very good effect is observed when using in the circuits in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the uterus preparations SUPER Shield (1 capsule 1 time a day) and IVLAKSIN (1 tablet 2 times a day) for 30 days. Remission occurs after one course of treatment lasts for a year and does not require antibiotic prophylaxis. The three women within a year after a prolonged infertility treatment on the background of this pregnancy.
I would also like to say on the use of drugs for the treatment of various etiologies dysbacterioses BIFIDOBAK And ATSIDOBAK. Prescribed these drugs under the scheme: BIFIDOBAK during the month of fasting and 1 capsule 1 capsule before bedtime (to improve absorption in the small intestine and reach the maximum therapeutic effect) and then ATSIDOBAK in the same mode. In 75% of women in rehabilitation period after administration of massive doses of antibiotics was observed cessation of clinical signs already on day 14 from start of treatment. After the first course in 89% of the patients was confirmed positive result.
In 9% of women with a history of liver disease, the effect occurred after adding TOKSFIGHTER LUX(1 teaspoon, 2 times a day) in combination with ESSENTSIAL OIL within 10 days. 
In women with a pathological course of the climacteric is well proven drugs affecting the cardiovascular and nervous systems: Good Night, NEYROSTABIL, NEYROSTRONG.
Particularly important to consider the use of dietary supplements in gynecology, as here manifests the main commandment of the doctor: "Do no harm!".
Pregnant women and future children is a major concern, as maternal and perinatal mortality rates in Russia are not the best. Increases in tandem with gestosis against extragenital pathology, as a consequence of suffering woman, the fetus is suffering, the prognosis deteriorates offspring. Reduce perinatal (1%) and lack of maternal deaths in the past three years, I believe merit in the area of drugs of ART LIFE.
In the first trimester of pregnancy in the formulation of women in the dispensary registration designating: Vitamin E - natural product containing pure vitamin E (400 IU); Kaltsimaks - for the correct formation of the skeletal system of the fetus; excellent preparation COMPLEX WITH VITAMIN "C" - a large dose ( up to 1.5 mg of ascorbic acid), recommended in the medical literature, but it does not irritate the stomach, beneficial for the vascular wall. In the early stages - is the prevention of spontaneous abortion, hemorrhage of various etiologies, and the later - prevention of gestosis, threatening complications of pregnancy.
In the second trimester, when they begin to deteriorate gastro-intestinal tract, on the first place functional hypoperistalsis colon appoint FITOSORBOVIT scheme: 1/4-1/3-1/2 teaspoon per two liters of oatmeal broth.
Medication, without which no idea of pregnant women after twenty weeks in women at risk for development of preeclampsia and in women with renal pathology is RENSEPT - a diuretic drug with a soft mechanism of action, one tablet of which contains a wide range of diuretic herbs. Well-controlled daily diuresis. From prevention to drug is prescribed at the phenomena of abnormal weight gain and edema, mild (1 tablet 2 times a day).
The effect of the drug starts from the third day and the fourteenth day of achieving the goal of the application. With the purpose of treatment assign RENSEPT at the first sign of change of renal function (traces of protein, increase the number of leukocytes to 5-6 in sight): 1 tablet 3 times daily in combination sESSENTsIAL OIL. Laboratory values are normalized to the tenth day of therapy. Further drug is prescribed courses of 10 days.
Women who are planning pregnancy (three months) and pregnant women throughout pregnancy would recommend taking the drug Green Star.
Prevention of health through dietary supplements is more secure and natural for the human body. I hope my experience with BAA ART LIFE will help doctors obstetric practices in addressing reproductive health problems.