The use of dietary supplements ART LIFE in pediatric gastroenterology.

ON Puchnin, the doctor-gastroenterologist highest category, Lipetsk
Number of children with disorders of the digestive system is growing every year. There is a significant increase in ulcers, erosive gastroduodenitis pancreatitis in children.
In parallel with the traditional methods of treatment increases the proportion of alternative medicine to a higher level rises nutritiology.
Correctly designated biologically active additives help quickly deal with the disease, prolong disease remission, work prophylactically.
When digestive diseases in gastroenterology use of biologically active additives (BAA) of ARTLIFE: COMPLEX ENZYME PLUS GASTROKALM, TOKSFAYTER LUX, GREEN STAR, BIFIDOBAK, ATSIDOBAK, LECITHIN, HEPAR FORMULA Discovery Excellent, cat's claw, beta-carotene, Vitamin E "ESSENTSIAL OIL.
Marked by good results in children with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract treated with lecithin. Over the past year in four children after application of 2-3 courses LECITHIN not found concretions in the gall bladder ultrasound, six people mentioned reducing the size of the stones with 9-11 to 3-7 mm.
Significant reduction asthenoneurotic syndrome clinically and reduced cytolysis for biochemical analysis of blood was noted in 5 children with chronic hepatitis B during treatment HEPAR FORMULA.
During the year, in 11 children receiving full course of medical treatment without achieving a complete epithelialization of ulcers and erosions, these defects were epitelizirovany mucosa during treatment with GASTROKALM and cat's claw. Only in three children with chronic recurrent course of erosive gastroduodenitis endoscopic remission during treatment with our supplements to be achieved.
You can talk about the excellent regenerative properties of these dietary supplements.
Evaluating the effectiveness of enzyme complex PLUS was conducted on the basis of the regional children's hospitals in the town of Lipetsk. COMPLEX ENZYME PLUS contains various forms of natural enzymes produced from natural raw materials, these enzymes help the human body better absorb the food, contribute to the correction of dysbiosis from existing in the composition of bifidobacteria and have a soft immunocorrective and anti-inflammatory actions.
This supplement was used in 10 children aged 8 to 15 years. Patients received 1 tablet 2 times a day for 15 days.
The control group was represented by children from 7 to 15 years in the amount of 8 people, they got the enzymes mezim and festal.
The main complaints in children with cystic fibrosis and secondary malabsorption syndrome were liquefied stools with the presence of undigested pieces of food in children with pancreatitis and gastroduodenitis were pain, nausea. In addition, three in the morning and two in the control group was diagnosed with dysbiosis decrease or absence of bifidobacteria. In the combined therapy included diet therapy, antacids, in the control group, children with dysbiosis receiving bificol. The first group of biologics in treatment is not administered.
Adverse and allergic reactions to the enzyme complex PLUS was not. Acceptance of this BAA resulted in relief of pain by an average of 5-7 days (without the use of antispasmodics), normalization of stool. In children with pancreatitis with dysbiosis, 8-10 days after the application of enzyme complex PLUS-control study conducted biocenosis intestine and revealed a normal content of bifidobacteria.
Conduct clinical testing of enzyme complex Plus - a dietary supplement company ART LIFE - showed that the product has a pronounced therapeutic effect in children with disorders of the digestive system, causes no adverse reactions, contributes to the correction of dysbiosis and can be recommended in pediatric patients for comprehensive treatment of gastroenterological diseases .